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By LuciusAR
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Blimey, the Mail have actually declared war against scientists! This is shockingly arrogant and illogical even by Mail standards. Not to mention a massive violation of Godwin’s law.

The comments are cracking though. I can't find a single one in favor of the article!
By Mischief
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tc-obo wrote:
The trouble with a 'scientific' argument, of course, is that it is not made in the real world, but in a laboratory by an unimaginative academic relying solely on empirical facts.
Yes. Quite.
Relying on facts, tut, tut. I mean how restrictive would that be?
A Daily Mail journo can only imagine I suppose.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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It seems that the Turin Shroud may have been a fake all along - who'd a thought, eh?

Garbled Mail story here

The comments are almost unbelievable in places...

By Paul
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Lost city of Atlantis discovered? Grainy images show city-like formations at the bottom of the Caribbean ... n-Sea.html" onclick=";return false;

The Foreign Service reporter should be sacked.
- Anne, West Midlands, 17/12/2009 22:24
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By LuciusAR
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I’m wondering how the Mail plan to spin this one?

Personally I'm pleased as punch that this quack is getting his comeuppance.
By Fflaps
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A lot of the comments are actually backing the MMR which is interesting. This guy is probably about right though, but we'll see once people get home from work and start posting:
Cue tides of anti-vaxers and their internet acquired scientific knowledge.......
- ZedsDeadBed, Truro, UK, 28/1/2010 15:53
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Starts off fairly sensibly, until the bit I put in bold...
I watched an interview with this guy and he during that particular interview, he never told people to stop using the MMR. As I remember it he asked for 2 things:

1) Clinical research be carried out, instead of relying just on statistical research.
2) Let those parents who preferred the single jabs (privately?) be allowed to have them.

My children had the MMR even after I watched this programme. He didn't put me off. All he'd said was that he'd sat with parents who were convinced that the MMR had caused their children's autism and he felt that their concerns were worthy of investigation.

It was the govt's overbearing threatening reaction and subsequent witch hunt of Dr Wakefield that made people mistrust the MMR.

Most of all Tony Blair's refusal to say whether Leo had had the MMR was a key factor.

Citing family privacy is ok for things he left to individual choice, but not for something he was bullying everybody else into.
- isabella, london, 28/1/2010 15:59
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