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By Boiler
25 (ETA: 28 including the loft) here and again, mostly LED. My brother did replace all eighteen in his kitchen/diner at once when he realised he was using 750W to light it... now about 100W.

But once again, forgetting that the elimination of incandescent lighting was a UK motion... and halogen lamps are still bloody incandescent!
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By spoonman
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13 lamps in Château d'Spoony inc. bedside table & desk lights are LEDs rated from 7 to 12 watts that was phased in over several months in 2014/5, with two incandescents left in place in bulkheads from when I moved in here for the porch and above the back door, rarely used so I haven't been arsed yet.
By Boiler
The only grumbles I have with LEDs is that even the dimmable ones don't seem to dim that linearly (although I could try re-programming the dimmers) and the constant colour temperature is a bit weird when that's done, although you can get LEDs that actually mimic the change in colour temperature of a filament lamp.

The biggest grumble I have though is some have less than sparkling RFI performance; the task lighting I use when working on radio repairs means I have to use a filament lamp at times when performing alignment, but otherwise how nice to have a lamp that isn't sizzling the side of your head when you're working?

By Malcolm Armsteen
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I had one that came with a remote and you could change the colour. Very popular with grandkids.

I forgot a few, too.

We made a conscious decision to go over to LED on environmental grounds, plus the halogens in IKEA fittings were lasting about a week.
By Boiler
For me it was the environmental issue: as an example, I have a standard lamp that comes on and off with a time switch, as a sort of security thing. It matched the wrought-iron fittings in the front parlour of the family home, and it was allegedly made by my father. It also used twisted, frosted 'candle' bulbs. After inheriting it and rewiring it, I actually got some really nice 60W GEC bulbs from eBay for it - however, not only was an average of 1KWh a day a bit excessive in my book, those lovely vintage bulbs didn't actually last very long - less than a thousand hours each.

It now has three 5W opal plain candle LEDs in it. These are just as good, and now it takes over a week to use that one unit of electricity. And no failures yet, which certainly makes a mockery of the claim of one poster in the BTL comments.
By Big Arnold
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Far from the knuckle-dragging beasts we thought them to be, the upright walking style of Neanderthals allowed them to walk far farther than Homo sapiens.
There are many theories as to what drove the downfall of the Neanderthals.

Experts have suggested that early humans may have carried tropical diseases with them from Africa that wiped out their ape-like cousins. ... aight.html
By The Red Arrow
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Here they come...

toomanyhaters, London, United Kingdom, about 6 hours ago

Science is 90% unproven theory! All rubbish. We are the descendants of Adam and Eve!
JimLCFC, Leicester, United Kingdom, 37 minutes ago

Scientists are all over the place with different theories, whereas the Bible is quite clear and has never changed - also, has never been proven wrong.
INVISIBLE PILOT, SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom, 20 minutes ago

Evolution might explain the physical development but the intellectual jump is another thing...........intervention perhaps.
Welshboy, Neath, United Kingdom, 17 hours ago

The Lord works in mysterious ways. This just shows all was not well in the garden of Eden. Jesus only wanted man to survive.
Flash Harry, Morden Surrey, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago

Evolution is nonsense. But it is lapped up by those who want to deny the God of the Bible. The trickery of Satan will continue apace in this world as described in the Bible. Many are ignorant of the Truth and they do not want to know it. Instead they cling on like babies to pseudo science for comfort. Poor fools!
KhaledB, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 14 hours ago

humanity is just 6000 years old
justposting, Utopia, United States, 12 hours ago

Nothing will ever di.sprove the Bible (G-d)! Region 100 Science 0
SpreadLoveToday, Common Sense, United Kingdom, 15 hours ago

These are l i e s from the same evil globalists that l i e about everything else. In 300 years they'll be telling us m o o s l i m s built the pyramids, Buckinghan palace etc. do you trust these people? I don't. These are the same people who tell us atheism, open borders, and cannabis is good. These are clearly evil things and clearly the globalists gave an agenda. The Holy Bible has been very accurate, I trust in it much more than the ones telling us we came from nothing and then somehow cells had small changes over trillions of years to lead to our consciousness. It's nonsense! Clearly we were created.
sunsurfseagirl, San Diego, United States, 14 hours ago

God made us perfect. Man's sin allowed mutations which are making us worse. This is consistent with the Bible that man was better before.
Flash Harry, Morden Surrey, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago

The Truth will out. Science keeps on evolving and it does not know the beginning or the ending! But the Bible is unchanging and it knows the end from the beginning!
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By Andy McDandy
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Archaeologists and historians specialising in the middle east will tell you that there is plenty of evidence that the Hebrew community in ancient Egypt was more a specialised middle class than slaves; and a close reading of the bible itself will reveal that the exodus was more about having a strop after being refused time off for a religious festival than "Let my people go!". Many of those experts being Israeli themselves. However, they understand the difference between historical and religious truth. Peddle the historical truth in certain quarters and you won't be popular.

As for the bible being never proven wrong, FFS. Dodgy dating, multiple versions of the same story with crucial details changing, and massive inconsistencies and historical howlers. Let's start with why the fuck a census would require people to return to their birth town?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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My memory on the MMR Jab/ Daily Mail scandal is a little hazy but is this not unspeakably hypocritical of the Daily Mail?

Selfish ‘anti-vax’ mums have given me mumps: A howl of protest from a woman left in agony because a new generation of parents won’t immunise their little darlings ... mumps.html
By Big Arnold
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Novi-CHUCKED! Military in biohazard suits remove windows at home of ex-spy Sergei Skripal in 'deep clean' to remove potential traces of radioactive material after Russian poison attack ... clean.html
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