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By SoulBoy
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We're fucked, now breathing causes cancer.

How oxygen in the air could trigger lung cancer: Rates of the disease found to decrease at higher altitudes ... tudes.html" onclick=";return false;
By SoulBoy
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Revealed... the 116 things that cause CANCER - according to World Health Organization experts ... perts.html" onclick=";return false;

The Mail must be laughing at these WHO amateurs, the Mail could easily double that. They haven't even included water, breathing or getting up for a piss in the night.
By mikey mikey
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:Are immigrants on the list?
Funny you should say that: a recent report in the Indy entitled "Malnutrition and 'Victorian' diseases soaring in England 'due to food poverty and cuts'" got a few C**ts-of-the-Day style comments like:
belltell wrote:Third world immigration is responsible for these problems.
chris2004 wrote:Nothing to do with the millions of infected migrants that Hameron is importing then?
Davey boy wrote:Nothing to do with all the disease ridden immigrants flooding in from poxy countries then.
Although quite a few blamed the poor (not poverty)
iSup wrote:Those totally dependent on welfare should be given food stamps, not money. Parents spending their benefits on boozy nights out, spray tans, nail bars, TV packages, cigarettes, and drugs, should be given a proportion of their welfare by way of food stamps stipulating what foods they can be used for; fresh meat, fish, vegetables [these can be frozen], fruit.
and people who are overweight
Another_Pragmatist wrote:I can't help but envisage two fat people slouched on the couch, cigarette in hand and can of beer on the side, giant TV in the background, explaining to Chris Mould, chairman of the Trussell Trust, how they are forced to go without food in order to feed their children.
I think that last one had been a fan of Paul Thomas' excellent illustrations of modern Britain

Apparently even Labour councils are to blame
Harry Slider wrote:Isn't it interesting that the London boroughs with the highest TB rates have all been controlled by LABOUR councils for many years. What have they done about it - little it seems. Thank you LABOUR for inviting and welcoming all the dirty immigrants for the past 50 years.
And this is The Independent.
By SoulBoy
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Enormous American-style fridges loved by the Camerons and the Beckhams encourage waste and 'may raise risk of cancer' ... ancer.html" onclick=";return false;

This is a tenuous one, even by Daily Mail standards.
The watchdog said that keeping potatoes in the fridge may raise the risk of cancer.

The vegetable sweetens when stored at a low temperature. As a result, when baked, roasted or deep-fried, any burnt skin will produce higher levels of acrylamide which is carcinogenic.
By Big Arnold
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Can your condom give you cancer? World health chiefs warn chemical found in tyres, gloves and babies' dummies causes diseases" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Chemotherapy could cause cancer to SPREAD and grow back even more aggressive, new study claims ... -says.html" onclick=";return false;

Could your manicure give you skin cancer!? ... cures.html" onclick=";return false;
By Watchman
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Arnold wrote:
Primark recalls thousands of men’s flip flops over fears they could cause CANCER ... z4n5CQScBB" onclick=";return false;
Well I must admit, I don't see many workers wearing them a Sellafield
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