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:shit: 100 %
By spoonman
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GillsMan wrote:Yes please!

Hate to break it, but that's a photoshop job...

By Tom_UK
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An article about rather than by Susanana Reid this time:

Oh, Susanna! The sexy face of Breakfast is attracting a whole new audience of red-blooded men ... kfast.html" onclick=";return false;

Somewhat behind the curve, because men have been perving at Susanna Reid on the news for quite a long time now (ask me how I know). A cliché ridden article about "curves", "short skirts", and "plunging necklines" makes it sound like she's presenting the news each day dressed like some kind of cartoon prostitute, when really she's just wearing normal businesslike outfits.

Quite odd that the article is fairly positive about her, despite being written by the Dacre's downtrodden BBC bashing bitch Paul Revoir.
By Daley Mayle
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A red-blooded TV cameraman did a rather revealing up-skirt shot of Ms Reid earlier this year. The skilful framing of her Mound of Venus suddenly cut away to a less pleasing head and shoulder shot of her male presenter while she was still talking. When it returned to her the level of the camera was raised. I don't think the cameraman has been alive since or even recently.
By ezinra
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Chubby-looking and blotchy, pale skin. Typical of English women

- Jim_99, UK (official EU money tree), 10/12/2011 11:20 Rating 320
Hundreds of comments on this non-story — 'TV presenter wears clothes' — and most of the others are lecherous. Looks like Reid is Ms Morning Glory for the middle classes.

I have trouble comprehending newsreader lust. I don't think I'd want to think about sex during a news bulletin any more than I'd want to be listening to a news bulletin during sex. Especially if Robert Peston's on it.
By oboogie
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I don't lust after any newsreaders and I'm glad. If I'm watching the news it's because I want information and I want to concentrate. When I was a student we had an economics lecturer who was achingly beautiful, I learnt nothing in her lectures and always had to copy notes up from someone else afterwards because mine would tail off after the first half hour. Most inconsiderate of her.
By Big Rob
oboogie wrote:I don't lust after any newsreaders and I'm glad. If I'm watching the news it's because I want information and I want to concentrate.

Me too. I like to concentrate. Can't speak much Spanish either.

Weather forecasts on the other hand...


And people say we don't want immigration? :D
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