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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Fucking hell. That can't be from today, can it? Late on it refers to Wakefield's research as 'last year'.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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That's a different issue. The Indy stupidly published Wakefield's PR and failed to Fisk it, the Mail have got a (new?) story about supposed new research backing Wakefield up.

Does anyone have Ben Goldacre's take?
By Big Arnold
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Got a comment past the mods yesterday.
Government dismisses claim by disgraced MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield that health officials are responsible for measles outbreak
Still no apology from the DM for its part in the MMR scare stories.
- Alfred , London, United Kingdom, 13/4/2013 17:49
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By oboogie
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Earlier this year British expert Dr Andrew Wakefield and molecular pathologist Professor John O'Leary established a possible link between the measles virus, autism and a related bowel disorder.
Read more: ... z2QSwpbLyH" onclick=";return false;
That was in 2002, so it is indeed an old article.
By Kreuzberger
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Not that the mail would care anyway. A few page views from frantically worried parents serves their commercial agenda. Od even less concern to them is the health of Welsh children who cannot vote Tory and probably never would.
By Daley Mayle
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There was a professor from Southampton (?) University who was interviewed on BBC Breakfast on, I think Saturday, and he was talking about the ages affected by the measles outbreak in Swansea being between 10 and 17 and blamed the MMR link to autism. He also, and forcefully, blamed the Mail for its campaign against MMR that carried on way after other media agreed that Wakefield was wrong. He also inferred that the repetition of a falsehood imprints itself on the national psyche that is difficult to shake off. Dacre's drip?
By moonkatt
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Surely "Doctor" Wakefield is just known as Mr Wakefield now he's been struck off?

Edit: The pic on that NS article has just made my BP go through the roof. A "nurse" draws up an MMR vaccination. NAil varnish, rings and bangles everywhere. Tut tut tut. She's be shot at my workplace for being dressed like that for clinical practice. (I know it's just a stock image).
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