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By Big Arnold
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Mother with false widow spider infestation is petrified her toddler is at risk after killing 23 of the venomous beasts in ONE day
Ms Whelan, from Swindon, fears her daughter, 2, could suffer a fatal bite
Shouldn't read the Mail then, should you? ... z2i64wXrTL" onclick=";return false;
By Fflaps
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She complains she's been bitten; I'm not surprised considering she seems to have been spending most of her time bothering spiders. All spiders will bite if they feel threatened.

Oh well, with the current panic about false widows, these stories are great clickbait, attracting worried readers much like flies to a web.
By Big Arnold
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False widow bite left grandfather fighting for life in hospital when vital organs shut down as his body battled to fight poisonous venom ... z2iT0bEuiV" onclick=";return false;
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The real story is very different from headline.

Poisonous venom? What the fuck?

It seems the bite got badly infected after he was building a bonfire outside when it happened and he ended up with cellulitis and streptococcal.

Sadly, though, while the majority still see through this quite sinister fear mongering, it is starting to have the usual Daily Mail effect and people are calling for culls and Government intervention to deal with this spider which has been here for 150 years.

It's interesting and quite sad seeing the effect the Daily Mail has on people, though. Although, to be fair, they aren't the only tabloid running with this fear mongering.
By Messianic Trees
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Now false widow spiders force school to close as secondary pupils at academy are told to stay away due to infestation
Dean Academy in Gloucestershire, found venomous spiders in ICT building
Health and safety officials advised the school to close when more were found
There are no reports of people being bitten, according to Vice Principal
Follows news that a false widow left a pensioner fighting for his life in Kent

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By Big Rob
I do love the fearmongering.,
John Catlin feared he would have to have his foot amputated after he was bitten by a false widow spider, which are currently believed to be plaguing Britain.
Believed by whom?
There are fears that with temperatures outside plummeting as the winter months approach, millions of the spiders could make their way into homes across the country to escape the cold.
Well there's a reason to keep the heating off.

I raise your big softy False widow with a Northern black widow (I live in a hotspot for the fuckers).
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