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triangular, Iincoln, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
Im in my 40's and I've never done the scan food as you go round the shop. I don't want to be followed by a person or camera while I shop or have a feeling I am. I prefer the checkouts where someone else scans. . And I saw a woman scan one item and put two in so did she get caught? I don't know
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If they were the same product, she probably scanned one item twice and put two of them in her bag. I did that this very afternoon.
Yesterday I picked up 4 bags of coffee as they were on offer and scanned 1 bag four times. I hope triangular does spot me.
Dave, Sandbanks formerly Caribbean, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
I have to manage on a basic pension, I have poor eyesight and sever arthritis in my fingers but am required to spend several hundred pounds to buy a smart phone. I am then required to spend a further few hundred for data each year in order to carry out basic transactions.
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Dave is getting ripped off you can get a Samsung Galaxy S4 for £75 - £100 at CEX (Second-hand electronics retailer M'Lud). It will run what he needs.
Also Sandbanks is one of the most expensive places to on the planet (or at least used to be).
By Big Arnold
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The return of the STEAM train: Britain's first hydrogen-powered locomotive that can reach speeds of up to 75mph, travel 500 miles under its own fuel and only emits water hits the UK's tracks ... -435152275

It's not a steam train!
By Zuriblue
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Boiler wrote:
Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:52 pm
He has.
And he ain’t happy. It’s a fuel cell. We had a couple of fuel cell buses on trial in the next town 4 years ago.
This, I thought, is exactly what The Sun and Mail have been screaming for. They want to see their commercial rivals cut down to size and have been wanting something like this. Yet, and perhaps I'm reading it wrong, the headline and sub headlines do appear to be covering it as if it's a bad thing. Are they worried this could also stretch to them, too? One to watch, I think. They seem scared of the idea even though it's them who've had this vendetta against social media.

Critics blast proposal to 'quietly' make Ofcom a 'super-regulator' by giving it swingeing powers to dish out multi-million pound fines to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for publishing 'harmful' videos ... agram.html
*Media regulator will be able to fine internet company 5% of revenues from 2020
*Ofcom already told it will get the powers - but public consultation is still open
*Powers may be transferred next September without a debate or vote by MPs
*Experts fear Ofcom will have too much power and allowed to 'make up the rules'
*Ofcom's outgoing boss says any new rules must 'protect freedom of speech'

Tech policy expert Heather Burns fears the Government's plan could allow Ofcom 'to make up [the rules] as they go', especially as ministers promised a new independent internet regulator.

She said: 'The Conservatives seem to see the tech sector as being only Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and are determined to rein them in with sweepingly punitive legislation – even if those plans have a devastating effect on the UK's domestic tech sector in the process.

'The Tories, in their vendetta against social media, want to set up the regulator first, and let them make it up as they go.'

Cobden, Stockport, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
The last thing we need is a bunch of Politically Correct Lefties censoring the Web.
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The Mail published parts of the Christchurch shooter's video and they must have had a massive increase on hits to their website hits from anyone searching to see that video only to be disappointed that it didn't see anyone killed.

Hits are hits and what do hits mean? Money.
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