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By Big Arnold
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World's biggest wind turbine that is taller than CANARY WHARF and can generate power for 16,000 homes will be tested on the British coast in 2020

0.3 Burj Khalifas ... z5DcVmkqIr
By Daley Mayle
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Have you ever struggled to picture the number of paedoz out there? Imagine a packed out O2 arena (me neither, never seen the inside or the outside except in photos)

From The Sun
It’s staggering that there are 80,000 of them prowling the net — the equivalent of FOUR packed-out O2 arenas — and we must tackle these horrendous crimes with all the force Britain can muster.
What was wrong with eight-ninths of Wembley Stadium at full capacity?

Almost the population of the Isle of Man?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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That's 88.9% of a Wembley, a whole Twickenham or 1 and 30/100 of a Stadium of Light.
Approximately 20,000 of your old telephone boxes.
4000 Year 11 Science classes.
111 Class 700 commuter trains (including standing)
2105 Royal Families (Including 1 Fergie)
By Catkins
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Actually the Merthyr population is just over 60,000. And declining.

(Didn't stop them voting Leave though due to being swamped by a few Indian surgeons, 7 Phillipino nurses and the Portuguese family who've taken over The Bell pub at the bottom of the High st)
By Big Arnold
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Man's terror as giant boulders of ICE - some the size of footballs - fall from a plane and crash through his roof, landing on the BED

He said: 'It's really hard to work out exactly how big the block of ice would've been. It must have been the size of a sink or something. ... s-BED.html

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