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The Mail and Mailites strongly disapprove of Meghan Markle and I feel we're going to be seeing a consistent stream of subtle and not so subtle attacks on her so I think it's time she got her own thread.

If people feel it isn't necessary then feel free to merge it into the Fawning Over The Royal Family thread. However, I feel that thread is nearing its end, as these day the Mail appears to be turning against the Royal Family and in fact, The Queen aside, really rather dislikes the Royals now.
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Not so confident after all! Body language expert reveals how Meghan touches her hair in public to stay calm under pressure - as it's the adult version of 'clutching a mother's skirt' ... -hair.html

Cyt, New, United States, 1 hour ago
Maybe it is just me, I don¿t find any charm in her.
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Minnie, CT, United States, 1 hour ago
Still don't trust her. Too cunning.
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msmags_21, London, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
She knows the public does not like her.
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Smile smile smile, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
She's obsessed with herself by the looks of the instagram selfies DM released yesterday! It's all an act to pretend she's innocent, when really she is a divorcee twice over! Her sweet little humanitarian act is pathetic, we see right through it! Girl needs to stop spending our money!
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Bex90, Somehwere, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
If she had a decent hairstyle she would not have to keep brushing her hair away from her face. Sorry but her dress sense and sense of occasion leaves a lot to be desired and frankly the way she clings on to Harry's arm is quite nauseating. She is an actress end of
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Strange this. The Daily Mail is generating support for the royal family, or to be precise, certain members of it, from people on the left!

Anyone the Daily Mail doesn’t like cant be all bad is my rule of thumb
I've said it before, but if Dacre is still in charge a year after Brenda hops the twig, the Mail will be demanding a Republic, whether it be Chas or Will in the hot seat. Their views on certain things do not fit with the Mail ethos.

It's just a shame Harry isn't the older brother. Imagine the prospect of Queen Megan in about 2035. Imagine the reaction of the Mail.
No, they want royalty. Just their kind of royalty. Chocolate box royalty, there to smile and open things and present a paradigm of middle class niceness.

Just see the comment above, saying one cannot be innocent and a divorcee. Whatever that's supposed to mean. But I'm sure you get what the commentator means.
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What do Meghan and Prince Harry get up to all day?

After attending their second official engagement in two months in Brixton, we reveal the couple's daytime routine
Both are fit and athletic and like to start the day with a spurt of exercise
Avid foodie Meghan likes to dine at chic Italian restaurant Bocca di Lupo in Soho
Sources say Prince Harry is partial to some fish pie and beef Wellington
The pair regularly watch Netflix box sets and enjoyed BBC show McMafia ... z5446QMKlK
Harry’s a feminist like me, Meghan tells Welsh fans as she is given her first dedicated member of staff in female assistant private secretary who used to work at Royal Bank of Scotland ... -fans.html

Oh no! They mentioned the F-word...if only they'd known what sort a response that would that would elicit from the Mailites...

And for a impending royal she needs botox on her bunny lines and crow feet on her face
:shock: Wow...

SAS21LA, Washington, United States, 10 hours ago
She's so obnoxious and phony!! Kate Middleton used to annoy me, but compared to Meghan, she's a breath of fresh air!
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pianochick86, LA, United States, 10 hours ago
Of course, this strumpet has brainwashed the dimwit prince and is controlling him to suit her own agenda.
+368 -45
Al2254, Nunyabusiness, Antarctica, 10 hours ago
Haha this chick is the gift that keeps on giving or the grift that keeps on grifting.
+298 -27
Squealer, Animal Farm, United Kingdom, 9 hours ago
Harry is dumber than a pile of rocks not a feminist! Shut up Meg!
+286 -20
mila07432, Los Angeles, United States, 9 hours ago
Most feminists dont wiggle around TV in their knickers. Nice Mens Health video! Not so feminist.
+260 -17
Yetti1, London, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
I just would like to know who in the hell her stylist was. Horrible mismatch ensemble- a tassle bag with a bow coat do NOT match and the hair is just a mess with grey hair pop out and some waves and and unkept pieces of hair flying all over. Please get this lady a stylist. What is wrong with the fiance is he that cheap? R British men that cheap? She ran a style blog? The tassle bag and bow jacket DO NOT go together at all- too much accotremant bells and whistles. Why is she taking selfies which is against royal protocol? Why is she speaking in political rhetoric yet again saying she and her fiance are feminists? And for a impending royal she needs botox on her bunny lines and crow feet on her face esp if she is representing America as a new Royal. This lady is a hot mess. The whole show is a mismatched mess and looks confusing to anyone on either the US or UK side
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Platell has a gripe in her back pocket to write to order who and whatever this couple did: Too traditional, too populist, too stuffy, too modern blah blah. And how on earth did she arrive at the Kardashians comparison?
Yes, the young royals must move with the times — but they should be careful what they wish for.
What? they do walkabouts and visit people doing nice charity stuff just like the Queen. By the looks of the video Meghan hugging kids appears to be a bad thing.

Another gripe is that this Meghan is taking the limelight away from his royal prince. I think that was Harry's idea he hasn't hid his contempt for the media and the ludicrous circus accompanying it.
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There's another bloody royal wedding on the way in 2018 but I'm not starting another topic.

Princess Eugenie, 27, is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank, 31, after the former barman turned wine merchant popped the question during a holiday in Nicaragua earlier this month ... z54uf2H9Dc
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