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Arnold wrote:
Fri May 18, 2018 5:53 pm
Ten dead in another US school shooting. Guess which the Mail and ITV news think is the more important story?
Yeah, but there'll be some more dead schoolkids along shortly. Royal weddings are far more infrequent.
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Beginning to see the Mail's problem with this now as the guests turn up, be it "luvvies" (Tom Hardy, Idris Elba), sworn enemies (The Clooneys), some of those ethnic ladies who speak out (Oprah, Serena), or those homosexualists (Elton).

Bearing in mind they were saying the crowd seemed different this time with plenty of multiculturalism and some rainbow flags being waved, all we need is Corbyn accompanying the Queen and her husband greeting Russell Brand like an old friend, and Dacre is likely to turn into Robespierre.
youngian wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 5:39 am
I wonder who recommended a bishop from Chicago it’s not Meghan part of the world? Obama would know him though.
I think he's the senior Episcopalian bish' in the USA.
KevS wrote:
Fri May 18, 2018 11:59 am
So, Chas steps in to say he will walk Meg down the aisle. That's quite a clever move for three reasons:

1.With all the crap Pa Markle has had thrown his way, it keeps her mother out of the spotlight to a degree.

2. Short of something happening to William and Princess Charlotte asking a 93 year old Grandad to walk her down the aisle, this is going to be the only time Charles has a chance to do this.

3. It sends out a strong message to the haters that she's now a paid up member of the family and completely accepted.

You won't be surprised that the Mailites don't share that view. Don't make the same mistake I did. Avoid the comments.
Additional - human face. The narrative being kindly father of the groom gives comfort to bride who is sad because her father is too ill.
This is how one does it! The Queen shows Meghan the royal ropes as they arrive in Cheshire on their first joint public engagement after an overnight trip on the Royal Train (and she's in Givenchy AGAIN)
Duchess of Sussex took the royal train with head of state for the first time yesterday evening
Pair have arrived at Runcorn Station in Cheshire after travelling from London
Today is designed to give new Duchess a masterclass in royal engagements
Pair will meet a Syrian settlement group learning craft works and local theatre performers

Read more: ... shire.html
SeenItAllAt61, Etherland, Switzerland

Does she have to have that smug superior supercilious grin all the time? She is a nobody and above no one. The caped dress looks daft. Wrong. All wrong. She can never fit it and never fool anyone. She is an imposter.
Aria1, Devon, United Kingdom

That's such a weird twosome, the 'actress' with an unsavoury past and the impeccable Queen.
It warms the cockles of my black little republican heart to see arch monarchists struggling with the delusion that somehow they get to choose who's a royal, or that their opinions on it count for anything.

You won, snowflakes. Get over it.
I used to work with a less than bright lass who found it a great affront that Charles would be king before William. It just wasn't what "the people" wanted. Trying to explain that this didn't really matter was an uphill struggle, as in Col de Tourmalet on a scooter.
Combining two things the Mailites really hate. Meghan Markle and the poor families of those who died in a horrific fire:

Meghan cooks for Grenfell: Duchess of Sussex helps victims of tragedy with support for cookbook in her first solo project as a member of royal family ... nfell.html


alreadydone, surrey, United Kingdom, 25 minutes ago
How did the cameras find out
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equitable remedy, London, United Kingdom, 25 minutes ago
There seems to be a concerted PR effort to promote her and Harry to the public. The likes of this visit is nothing more than a photo opportunity. For how long is the Palace going to try getting the British public to accept this woman.
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NinjaBuddah, Lisvane, United Kingdom, 25 minutes ago
Can the Duchess really cook? That Tig blog was full of fantasy. And her recipe for "filthy sexy mush" involved boiling courgettes for literally HOURS! I would not want her cookbook. Why doesn't she sell a few dresses instead?? THAT should solve their accommodation problems for years.
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Maria, England, 25 minutes ago
Of course...there had to be pictures of her kindness...annoying woman
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Youranidiot1, No mans land, United Kingdom, 28 minutes ago
Still dont like her.
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Mcqueen77, The back of beyond, Heard Island And McDonald Islands, 31 minutes ago
No one helping the victims of the Manchester bombing much just left to get on with it ...
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They did a whole fucking massive concert for it, you thick cunt.
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