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Big Arnold wrote:
Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:57 pm
...Married brothers having separate households is the norm.
Let's not forget that "households" in this context does not mean a shared Tesco delivery account. It is a fleet of servants, PR people, fixers for overseas jaunts, accountants and all the other people that the modern-day royals need to be - er - royal.
My Mother in Law informs me..

Somebody off the telly said that Harry and Meaghan intend to name a daughter (is it confirmed as a daughter?) Diana.

Can you imagine the fury as the mongrel strain of royalty hijacks the goodness of the "Everybody's princess, best queen we never had". "She stayed in London even when the Aussies forced us to follow-on".
Bones McCoy wrote:
Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:22 pm
"She stayed in London even when the Aussies forced us to follow-on".
You're a Grade-A cunt, Bones. I just spat Earl Grey all over a brand new keyboard!
Meghan WILL follow royal tradition and give birth at the Lindo Wing, a royal source claims - amid speculation she might shun the hospital for one closer to her new home in Windsor
22 March 2019 ... -Kate.html
Meghan Markle will 'snub Lindo Wing' where Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana gave birth and 'break four decades of Royal tradition by choosing private maternity unit near Windsor home'
31 March 2019 ... birth.html
I didn't know about The Lindo Wing, but from a quick Google reveleaved it is a private maternity wing at St Marys hospital. So unless I'm missing something she's swapping one private hostipal for another.
If I have missed something and it is NHS, she hardly going to have her birth plan interrupted due to lack of staff or equipment and this would be mean a lot less dispruption for the other parents.
This raises questions. Has Meghan been granted a title yet? Has she kept her maiden name? Only I noticed that it's the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana can I put this?...other married into the royals are concerned.
Yeah, duchess of Sussex. "Gold digging hippy touch of the tar brush" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
When you want a bitchy and catty article then Jan Moir is always the go-to choice and she's really playing up to it with this one. Just an utterly vile woman.

For when Harry speaks these days, all I hear is the avocado mulch of Meghan's impeccable socially liberal concerns, filtered through the obliging vassal of her husband.
What a cunt.

JAN MOIR: If social media is really as addictive for kids as drugs, Prince Harry, why not tell that to your 3.6 million Instagram followers?

Hey kids. So what's the narrative on the Harry-Meghan axis? The theme, the zeitgeisty gist, the Major Issue that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are tackling next?

Hang on to your mouse mat, because the royal Batman and his feisty Robinette are fighting the big one this week; the evils of the internet.

'Growing up in today's world, social media is more addictive than drugs and alcohol,' said Prince Harry on Wednesday, with his usual flair for talking urgent nonsense.

It was a particularly ridiculous thing to say, given that the Sussexes have just launched their own social media account on Instagram, which has already attracted 3.6 million followers and counting. 'It's not hypocritical,' insisted their official spokesman, but many of us would beg to differ.

Increasingly, he seems to think there is one set of rules for him and his wife, while everyone else must abide by a completely different moral code. More stringent for a start. Let them eat Meghan's special recipe austerity soup, they silently cry, while we live like well, royalty, amid the lush and plush of our Soho House set.

In the past, Harry has shot water buffalo, game birds and other hapless critters while campaigning for animal conservationism. Yet we have forgiven him for most of his youthful idiocies.

Recently and more damningly, he encouraged youngsters to act on climate change and environmental issues, while he and Meghan fly around in private jets and helicopters should the opportunity arise.

And now this. At a YMCA centre in West London promoting the Heads Together mental health charity, the Prince claimed online games such as Fortnite were more addictive than booze or drugs.

It is true that the violent natures of such games are reprehensible, but his theory doesn't even make sense. To an addict, a substance or a habit is either addictive or it is not.

You'd think someone who is always banging on about eradicating public stigma over mental health issues (What stigma, I always ask myself?) would know that, but there is never any joined up thinking where Prince Harry is concerned. He says it, therefore it is.

According to Harry this week, we are in an exciting time, but we are also in a mind-altering time.

We are in good times, but we are also in bad times. We are up and we are down. That is because we are a royal mass of contradictions, aren't we? 'Kids need a human connection,' he said, digging out his prompt sheet, which was surely handwritten in beautiful flowing calligraphy and scented with crushed macaroons.

For when Harry speaks these days, all I hear is the avocado mulch of Meghan's impeccable socially liberal concerns, filtered through the obliging vassal of her husband.

The concern this week seems to be in urging parents to get children off social media where they might be bullied or have issues. Yet it didn't seem to cross his princely mind that the place where they have most issues is on Instagram, where his new Sussexroyal account is attracting much attention.

Instagram is a photo-based platform associated with high levels of anxiety, depression and bullying in the young. It is infamous for fostering feelings of inadequacy and depression in millions of kids.

A survey by the Royal Society for Public Health (ironic) found it had the worst scores of all social media platforms when it came to body image and anxiety, especially among girls.

In its way, it probably does as much damage as Fortnite, but who cares? Certainly not Prince H. For Instagram is now the go-to for lovely, exclusive pictures of Meghan and Harry doing their good deeds; a safe space (for them) which is free from criticism or wry judgments about their ocean-going insincerity.

With all this, plus his dutiful trips to a herbal wellness centre and his exhortations to millennials to find their true north star, Prince Harry is fast becoming the woke dope royal — and I rather wish he was not.

Behind the scenes he still leads a life of unthinkable luxury and entitlement. Yet in public he wants to sound good, he wants to do good and he wants to look good.

They may see themselves as caped crusaders, but people would love Harry and Meghan more if they set an example, rather than just kept telling us all what we should be doing and feeling and thinking.

The problem with Prince Harry is that he has become more Soho House than House of Windsor, and that is not good.
The odd thing here is that the Mail, with its "regulate this sick filth" crusade, finds itself on the same side as Harry.

Just like the ERG bittereinders, they'll have no truck with fellow travelers who lack their doctrinal purity.

If they wanted to criticise, they could accuse Harry of going a bit Prince Charles preachy - leave that stuff to the "common sense" mongers of Fleet Street.
As ever, it's not what's being said but who's saying it.

2009, the NSPCC published a report saying that domestic violence was on the rise. Cue much concern from the right wing press. Broken Britain, evil tinterwebs, Unbelievable Krimewave and so on.

The next day, Harriet Harman raises the report as a matter of urgency. Press response? Fuck off out of it, Harman. What I do to my wife in private is none of your business.
Sick online trolls are claiming Meghan's baby bump is a FAKE prosthetic in bizarre conspiracy theory ... hetic.html

From the best rated SYB comments.
Ruby88, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago

It's actually not that far fetched...
Jenicks, Manchester, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago

There are so many videos online where you can clearly see it is a moon bump. Hence why she doesn't want the queens doctors
Tony The Wiz, new york, United States, 4 hours ago

Well when you are an actress there is always doubt. Most of the times she just does not act like she has her baby in her belly.
After constantly accusing them of being attention seekers the Mail are angry that Meghan and Harry have decided not to announce the birth of their first child to the press:

Harry and Meghan WON'T announce the birth of their baby: Royal couple reveal they will keep news of the arrival of their child private until they have 'celebrated as a family' ... -syas.html

Meghan and Harry's 'stage-managed' decision not to announce their baby's birth is slammed by Loose Women panel* - who claim it will cause MORE interest and speculation ... birth.html

* Jane Moore - Sun columnist and absolute cunt.
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