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visage wrote:
Wed May 08, 2019 5:18 pm
This landed in my timeline. Seriously batshit.

The whole thread is just MENTAL.
Indeed; in the past it was a teenager saying "don't you know they are all shape shifting lizards" on Christmas Day when the Queen's Speech came on, your Auntie would call you a daft sod, everyone would laugh, and mum would put the kettle on...........not anymore
Over on another forum I visit, one of the mods is getting a real downer on social media - I assume he's singling out Facebook and Twitter for his ire - for just poisoning discourse in general. It does seem to have given 'the nutter on the bus' one fuck-off big megaphone.
'They could've moved next door!' Fury as it emerges Harry and Meghan spent £2.4million of YOUR cash on Frogmore Cottage 'to escape rift with Kate and William' - and final bill could hit £3m ... tchen.html
RICHARD KAY: Harry and Meghan's home move has racked up a huge bill - so are they holding up their end of our royal bargain? ... -deal.html

Anything to add Piers?
PIERS MORGAN: Why should taxpayers pay millions so super-rich Prince Harry and Meghan ‘Kardashian’ Markle can have a mansion makeover just because they don’t get on with Wills and Kate? ... eover.html
Why does she get a nickname but not him? Why is she Meghan "Kardashian" Markle but he isn't Harry "ginger nuts" Windsor?
You know what Richard Kay.

There is no Royal bargain.
Scrape and grovel like the fucking subject you are, and be thankful your head's still on your shoulders.
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Yet ANOTHER bill for Frogmore Cottage: Taxpayers are paying £750,000 for security at Harry and Meghan's new home - on top of the £3million cost of refurbishing it ... hment.html
SARAH VINE: The real cost of Meghan and Harry's £2.4million refurbishment? Our goodwill ... dwill.html
With her penchant for ancient electric heaters and Tupperware cereal boxes, the Queen has quite a reputation for being thrifty.

Which makes it all the more astonishing that she has indulged what seems to be one of the most breathtaking examples of royal extravagance in recent times.

No cliche left unturned in a Sarah Vine opening paragraph. Its laughable to portray this extravagance as uncharactiristic behaviour by the prudent Windsors. Does anyone know if the name was on this murky £15m cheque was 'UK taxpayer'?
Rubble of a royal marriage: Andrew and Fergie's home built for them as a wedding present is demolished to make way for billionaire oil magnate's new 'manor house'

The Queen had the original house built for the Duke and Duchess of York as a present for their 1986 wedding, but their marriage ended in 1996. Billionaire Kazakh Timur Kulibayev paid £15 million for the mansion in 2007, £3 million over the asking price ... dwill.html

Sounds like a Michael Gove publishing advance type of payment
Not to worry, here's the brother in law to take the heat off, with a pronouncement to create a Mailite aneurysm instantly.

What makes it even more entertaining of course is that one of the children (presumably George) will have their picture on the money by about 2075...
This is utterly relentless and doesn't seem to be letting up. I can't imagine there is a lot they will/can do about this due to royal etiquette etc but there is no way all of this is going unnoticed by Harry (and William, the future king). It could be in 5, 10 or 20 years time but this may well come back and bite The Sun and Mail in the arse in some way or another. I don't think anybody on here would consider themselves a Royalist by any stretch but I think I can safely assume we'd at least have a wry smile if/when that happens.
To be honest, I'm finding myself more and more appreciative of the firm as I get older. I'm not at the stage of rabid royalist by any stretch, but they do seem to be doing the right thing more and more these days, but this might be me comparing them to the current woeful crop of politicians.

Was particularly impressed by their Grenfell response - May wusses out going down there with security concerns, and Brenda, the one person who is probably more protected in the country, grabs her grandson, and pitches up.
I think the Monarchy will end with Charles. Nobody under 70 can remember a time before the present Queen. From on, it would be nothing but elderly monarchs who don't reign for long.
‘Nightmare’ Meghan ‘out of control’ reports Daily Mail, after she refuses to allow four Daily Mail journalists into Frogmore Cottage to just use the toilet ... he-toilet/
She's being given an absolute kicking for her stint as guest editor at Vogue.

(It should be noted that she absolutely is not the fist Royal to guest edit a magazine.)

SARAH VINE: My memo to Meghan Markle following her Vogue editorial - we Brits prefer true royalty to fashion royalty ... yalty.html

PIERS MORGAN: Me-Me-Meghan Markle's shamelessly hypocritical super-woke Vogue stunt proves she cares more about promoting herself than the Royal Family or Britain ... stunt.html

Tony The Wiz, new york, United States, 16 hours ago
Meghan............................................................Embarrassing, Embarassing, Embarrassing and more Embarrassing. The Queen will need a whole day of talking with her. But we know it will fall on deaf ears.
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Shooks, London, 16 hours ago
Totally agree with you Piers, can't stand this patronizing, hypocritical, virtue signalling woman and her innocent act. She went out looking for a rich dimwit and she found him
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karlston, Nowhere, Åland Islands, 16 hours ago
It's obvious that Meghan only cares about herself. She's a narcissist who always wanted to be famous. She is that now thanks to Harry.
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Aria1, Devon, United Kingdom, 16 hours ago
She's an absolute horror and I'm glad some reporters are telling the truth about her, the sooner she's gone the better.
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Onbals, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago
Looks like this repulsive woman has turned Vogue into a COMIC
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