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By Killer Whale
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Ironic that this should appear just at the time that Cameron is pushing his 'responsibility' agenda. The legacy of Thatchers consumerisation of public life means that Mail readers don't want to take responsibility for anything. They think they have the right to offload their public responsibility by buying their way out.

Households producing ever more waste? But I pay my council tax for someone else to deal with this!
Streets don't feel safe? But I pay for the police to sort this out!
Urban roads congested? What do I pay motoring taxes (sic) for?
Problems with discipline in the classroom? Don't we pay teachers to sort this out?

Etc. etc. etc.

This is a society built more and more on Daily Mail values and we have a government that is historically too scared of Middle England to do anything radical to address any of the social issues that face us.

You reap what you sow, Mail readers.
By Citizen Smith
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70 comments so far! Could this be a record?

Some priceless ones coming through:
Let's go the whole hog and march on Parliament I'm ready and willing.

- Steve P, Leeds England
Yeah, that'd teach 'em. And the rest of the world would piss themselves.
What is left of democracy in Britain is rapidly disappearing before our eyes. Thankfully, we still have the independent media such as the Daily Mail, who voice the true concerns of this country.

- Gary, Dorset
No comment needed I feel.
Has to be a winner the Mail. Our tory borough has a twice-a-week collection- but what happened to every day collections? Seems they quietly disappeared with the second post.

- Liz, London, UK
Every day collections! :shock:
Firstly no one seems to know what is or is not recyclable. Then we need a Pied Piper for each authority because sure as hell the vermin will increase thousand fold along with it come all kind of health issues because of all the gasses escaping from the rotting foods, putting extra strain on our over stretched National Health. What I am saying is it means melt down for us all.

- B, Middx
A bit dramatic. If you want to know what is or isn't recyclable, try reading the leaflet you twunt.
Our country lanes and beauty spots will become dumping grounds for peoples household bin rubbish if this is allowed to happen. We are already a nation of litter louts and this will take us over the edge back to medieval times. And the councils will still have the job of clearing it up!

- Edd, Herts
Yeah, those bad old medieval times with their fortnightly refuse collections.
What worries me most is the number of Conservative Councils on this list.

- Anne Bottell, Wimbledon
What worries me, Anne, is the number of Conservative Councils.

This is hilarious -- an absolute classic Daily Mail campaign!
By Adam
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Let's go the whole hog and march on Parliament I'm ready and willing.

- Steve P, Leeds England
"Whaddawe want?"

"Not to sort rubbish!"

"When do we want it?"

"Twice a week at least, with clear instructions on recycling."

What always gets me about these comments is how anything, no matter how trivial, is always a sign of the coming leftypocalypse rather than a sign of a few people possibly not foing their job as well as they could.
By larrylargesse
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ahahah made me smile...thing is DM readers are all one would bother turning up, the only people concerned are the seventy or so idiots who wrote in....its a big risk starting a campaign like the DE found fizzles out after a week or so...
or until the next rubbish collection..
By Esqui
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There will be a small prize for the first person to photograph themselves next to a bin or car sticker. Extra points if you deface the sticker.

Mailwatch does not condone acts of vandalism or trespass. Even if they are Mail readers.
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By Killer Whale
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Max 'Hitler' Hastings wrote: However, the worst cause of rubbish is modern societies being incapable of mending or re-using.

All of us experience the frustration of taking a broken gadget to a high-street shop, only to be told it is ~"not economically repairable".

Every day we throw away millions of disposable nappies, countless tons of gratuitous packaging, redundant televisions and video-recorders, computers and iPods.

Nothing could do more to curb our plague of rubbish than for us to rediscover the lost art of mending things.

There seems a strong case for penalising manufacturers and retailers who generate huge quantities of unnecessary packaging, and who make it so hard to repair their products.

What are we, the shoppers and consumers, supposed to do when confronted with the huge chunks of foam cushioning which surround every electronic toy, the acres of bubble-wrap and cardboard that encase every home delivery?

Last week, we received some meat which we had ordered. Perhaps ten pounds weight of beef arrived in a Styrofoam box measuring two feet by 18 inches by nine, each serving in an individual cardboard box. It all looked pretty, but the packaging half-filled our wheelie-bin.

It is obviously vital to cut household waste. But the way to start is by obliging industry and services to stop overloading us with rubbish, not by axing the public services which take it away from our homes.
Fine analysis, absolutely the wrong conclusion.

If you don't want the shit that comes with consumer goods, don't buy them. It's that simple. And if you don't want your meat over packaged, go to the fucking butcher, you half-wit.
By sven945
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My contribution:
The cardboard box half filled your bin? You know what the magic of cardboard boxes is? Attack them with a knife and it takes up a fraction of the space.

Problem solved.

Interesting analysis of the problem of people not fixing things and creating too much rubbish, but surely the obvious solution to that problem is to fix things, rather than expecting other people to do anything about it.

I've not gone overboard with slagging off the article, it depends on how "balanced" the moderator working today is feeling!

By Law Abider
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Has to be a winner the Mail. Our tory borough has a twice-a-week collection- but what happened to every day collections? Seems they quietly disappeared with the second post.

- Liz, London, UK
She may actually be right - my Tory borough (Westminster) has twice-weekly collections, inlcuding Sundays, and weekly recycling, and I could well believe it used to have daily collections...

Of course this is mainly due to the high density area requiring both more collections, and the fact that efficiencies can be made due to it's small physical size...
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