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MisterMuncher wrote:Hmmm.

What's the difference, exactly between "food waste" and "food slops"?
I used to live in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and found the system very easy and convenient. The grey 'food slops' container sits in your kitchen, and any food waste goes in there, once it is full, you put it in the green 'food waste' container outside. This is then collected every week (if needed, we put ours out perhaps once every two/three weeks).

The general waste goes out every fortnight, and alternates with the plastic/cardboard/paper/glass. I'm not sure of the frequency of the garden waste bin, we had a small garden and all the grass cuttings etc went into the composter (also provided free of charge by the council).

I shared a house with two other guys, and we probably put out the general bin/recycling once a month. People complain about not having a weekly collection, but I really struggle to see how you can create so much waste...

Usual story of 'change is not good'.
youngian wrote:
Campaigners have claimed that the new rules will force homeowners to have yet more bins outside their properties.
Who, what, where? Oh here's the campaigner
Doretta Cocks, spokeswoman for the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection, said that more bins would create problems.

'Contamination has been a long-standing problem since fortnightly residual waste collections were introduced,' she told the Daily Telegraph.
So its a campaigner speaking on a different issue to a different newspaper.

Just send all your shit to the Daily Mail, they can recycle anything into an article.
I had to search for the name, avoiding nameless and disturbing irrelevancies. She hasn't done too well with that campaign, given she was at it in 2009: ... -home.html" onclick=";return false;
Binmen wouldn't collect pensioner's rubbish because it was TOO HIGH (3ft off floor to stop foxes ripping the bags)

Read more: ... z2jioWOBVD" onclick=";return false;

elf and safety !

This can't go on!

The correct spelling is elf 'n saftey!

Won't somebody think of the children?

Maybe Waterstones could do it as he seems to have a lot of spare neural capacity.
How will that stop foxes? Will a fox come along thinking 'yeah, I'm gonna steal some rubbish tonight', get up to the bin and say "What....what the fuck is this? Why is the food up there? Am I supposed to jump up? Do I have to do everything here? Marjorie, we're leaving. This place has gone downhill since last week. Horrible service...I'm never coming back. I will write a strongly worded letter of complaint when I get home."
'The council have told me bin men can't reach inside my wheelie in to collect my rubbish because it's too dangerous.

How can a plastic wheelie bin be "too dangerous"?'
Presumably because a wheelie bin is designed to be emptied by up ending it on the back of the lorry, not by hand. It's actually bloody difficult to lift a bag from the bottom of a wheelie bin, the sides are very high and narrow so you can't lift with your knees at all, which, unless the bag is basically empty is a very effective way to give yourself a back injury.
Quite. They empty wheelie bins into the lorry, the don't pull stuff out of them.

I leave my rubbish in the back garden and if the binmen can't be bothered to climb over the house to get it I contact the Daily Mail.
City council tells residents how to put out their bins properly because workers could be injured if they are facing the wrong way ... z2l5sHTJRs" onclick=";return false;
More bins on the way in recycling drive: Every home in the country will be forced into compulsory rubbish scheme in desperate bid to meet Brussels' targets ... z32dIyzc16" onclick=";return false;
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STOP WHINING & MOANING ! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN RUBBISH ! Our dustbin only needs emptying once a month, and even then it isn't full. We recycle everything, squash the tin cans & plastic bottles, crush the cardboard boxes so they take up very little space. Then we drop it all off at the nearest recycling depot ( ten miles away ) every time we go shopping. SIMPLES !
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Prince Charles might have been more accurate if he'd compared the EU to Hitler - rather than Putin.
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Maillite Attitude of the Day
even at the local tip now you have to walk from one end to another sorting out your rubbish while the workers there stand and watch!
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ETA: You generated the rubbish, you can dispose of it you lazy fuck

Not taking into account the fact that rubbish dump workers have bins at home as well. If the commenters bave to do it chances are they have to as well.
This could equally have gone in the EU News thread:

Now you may need SIX bins: Warning from Britain's biggest waste firm over new EU rules forcing people to recycle more

Read more: ... z3ALeJ7ckk" onclick=";return false;
It's the whole 'forced' to recycle thing that gets me most about this kind of reaction. Essentially what people who say this are admitting is 'I don't give a fuck about the planet or if will even still exist generations from now - I don't want to have to do anything beyond what is the easiest option available. Even if someone can prove to me that it is better for wildlife and the environment, I don't care about either'.
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