Discussion of MailOnline's big traffic driver - celebrity stories
We all know the Mail loves banging on about Lily Allen, but I don't think we've yet had one devoted to their almost daily stories about Suri Cruise. Today is a typical example.

Like mother, like Suri: It's matchy-matchy fashion for Katie Holmes and her little fashionista

It strikes me merely as being a ploy to try and get hits / flog papers as it's a cute celebrity toddler who they can get pictures of easily, I fail to see a 'news' aspect. Plus it gets the middle aged women all broody I expect.
By ClaireFry
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Ohhhh small child! I want one of those! Actually no, I really don't. That is such a stupid caption for the photo - Katie has a bit red in her top, her wee girl is wearing a red dress so they're obviously out in matching outfits. NO they aren't. Please stop this now before it gets more annoying that it already is.
By Abernathy
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"Little fashionista" ?????

I'm quite bewildered by this piece. And what the hell is this comment about?
suri is soo adorable!i like seeing girls in dresses.they look very girly and suits their age too.just cut her bangs when shes asleep.
- amy, malaysia, 16/
"just cut her bangs when shes asleep"

just cut her bangs ??????? :shock:
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