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By mojojojo
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But what would that VIP (Very Important Posterior) say if it could talk? CLAUDIA CONNELL tries to imagine . .
I didn't think I could be amazed by the shitness of the DM, but I am. What would her arse say if it could talk? Really? CLAUDIA CONNELL (alright, don't shout) tries to imagine... She doesn't even imagine it, she tries to imagine it. I'm trying to try to imagine that I'm trying to imagine that CLAUDIA is some sort of journalist, but I don't think I can imagine it.
By SoulBoy
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It is open season, even gentlemen now have a derriere rather than an arse...

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... ri-re.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Fflaps
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That's what you call daring! Anne Hathaway flashes her derriere in a sheer black dress for Les Miserables premiere

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I can't actually see any 'derriere' being revealed. Let alone flashed. There's a bit of a slit up the back but I don't think you'd be able to see anything unless you studied the photo, certainly not as she's moving around.
By ezinra
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'Move over Pippa': Jessica Ennis' derriere gets the attention at BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards as she leads glamour in ravishing red frock

Pictures of thirty-six great sportswomen "leaving little to the imagination" or "bearing flesh in an LBD". Not much mention of their professional achievements. Oh well:
There are many very good looking ladies there, but Jessica has the best female body, not limited to the athlete category. How can you be so slim with natural female shape...I hope she will inspire young girls to start a sport instead of choosing plastinc surgery.

- SpeakingNonsense , London, United Kingdom, 17/12/2012 11:11 Rating (0)
I hate this assumption that girls will only take up sport in order to become thin and get a "natural female shape". If those are your goals, you'll quickly find training a bore. A much better way to get more girls involved is to stop sexualising sportswomen. Alas, it's worse than ever.
By ezinra
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As the Sacré bleu thread is now archived, this will have to go here:

Sacré bleu! Former CSI star Gary Dourdan's playful hijinks go awry after he exposes a French actress's derriere

"Playful hijinks go awry". Pulitzer on its way to Daily Mail Reporter.

The actress with the derrière is so unfamous that she doesn't seem to have a wikipedia entry for DM Reporter to cut and paste. So instead we get a barely comprehensible meteorological report:
The actor was enjoying drinks on the balcony of the hotel on Friday afternoon, while the wet weather had seemed to have made way for the sun to come out.
And the usual attention to detail in the photo captions:
Zoé no bout asks Gary not to lift her again
Actually, DM, the paparazzi are the ones that exposed her by pointing cameras up her dress. And you paid them for it. Let's assign blame where blame is due.

- Aynsley, Palm Springs, 19/5/2013 11:30 Rating 1209
Can't get enough of the top shelf can you DM. Anyone else and they would get arrested but not a newspaper.

- Hari Seldon, Trantor, 18/5/2013 17:04 Rating 18
It's obvious they have slept together the confidence he displays in picking her up in such an intimate way proves this either that or they are about too.

- internetbabe, london, United Kingdom, 19/5/2013 20:59 Rating 3
Please don't let internetbabe anywhere near a jury.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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WTF does this mean?
She wearing a thong people so she IS wearing underwear. - Alicia , Hometown, United States, 19/5/2013 11:09 Stop lisping and she's not French but from Calcutta, tell by the lips!

- Hotspur , Geneva,

And this is merely vile:
thank goodness she was reasonably clean down there !

- vikihastings , hastings,
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