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By Daley Mayle
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davidjay wrote:
If this was the finest piece of creative writing then Jan Moir would have damned it. I think Jan should stick to Jilly Cooper where it's the rich what has the fun and the poor what gets the blame. Oh ain't it all a plebbing shame.
- Neil, Wales, 27/9/2012 8:37
I like this one.

Thanks David.
By Big Arnold
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Hypocrisy and the ruthless PR sorcery behind JK Rowling's invasion of her own privacy
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... crecy.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Of course, favoured newspapers and broadcasters — namely, the Left-leaning Guardian and the BBC — were given access to Miss Rowling before the launch. Cue positive publicity for the novel.
By ezinra
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So the Mail has put its chief bin-rummager (sorry, investigative reporter) Paul Bracchi on the case. And that's the best he could manage.

Note: press releases to newspapers are embargoed in exactly the same way as Rowling's novel.
I don't know if this book is any good or not, I don't know if the Harry Potter books are any good or not as I have never read them (although I have seen the movies and they were pretty good) What I do know is that if Miss Rowling had not given evidence at Levison or if she had dontated money to the Tory party and not Labour then she would no have been on the end of this spiteful savaging by the D.M.

- zach , sheffield, 28/9/2012 09:27 Rating 2
Green-arrow zach!
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By Big Arnold
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Jan Moir's review was timed at 00.01am yesterday... And Bracchi knew enough to say.
Sometime around 10am last Saturday, an ebony-coloured people carrier with blacked-out rear windows pulled up outside an address in North-West London.
Out of the vehicle stepped a young woman in a business suit. She was carrying a sealed plastic pouch. Inside was a brown envelope.
By Squeaker
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Today the baton (hatchet?) has passed to Robert Hardman who asks 'Why does JK Rowling hate the middles classes?'

Yawn, yawn. I won't bother linking to it because it's more dross, It reads like Hardman (oo-er) sidled up to lot's of people in Tutshill and whispered 'J K Rowling said that you smell and your Mum shops at Netto, what do you think of that then?'. For God's sake if you don't mind doing something awful for a living at least do something necessary, like working in an abattoir.

The Mail really hate her don't they?

Keep up the good work Jo Rowling. :D
By satnav
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Amanda Platell has also written similar drivel about Rowling's book.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... aders.html

The fact that three hacks at the paper have all written virtual the same tosh about the book leads me to conclude that either Dacre has ordered his hacks to attack Rowling in this way or that a staffer at the Mail has been given the job of speed reading the book and providing a brief summary so that Platell and co. can slag it off without having to waste their time reading it.
By ponce on the heath
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I thought so, presumably she's had her card marked for quite some time then. The level of pettiness is impressive, even for them. When can we expect the first attack on Twitter users, I wonder.
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