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By Andy McDandy
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#630593 ... devolution

Marina Hyde on Johnson's SNP remarks. I loved:
He continues to play Falstaff to his own Prince Hal.
By youngian
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Priti Patel is all for 'personal responsibility' – unless you're home secretary

Meanwhile calls for tougher sentencing are growing, after a repeat offender was let off with a warning despite having been found guilty of another serious breach. The case will add to a sense that the UK is a “soft touch” country where recidivists are not simply allowed but effectively encouraged. In a move likely to cause outrage, activist do-gooders further insisted that an offence being possibly “unintentional” means it didn’t count. The implications of that remark for the wider justice system are “catastrophic and a scandal”, says whichever rentaquote Conservative backbencher answers the phone first. ... are_btn_tw
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