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😯 100 %
By youngian
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I did see that, Mr Angry Worker from Acme Ltd bursts into the MP's office and shouts something like 'you lost me my job you idiots'.

new puritan wrote:Delingpole's old enough to remember the days when Jim Allen and Trevor Griffiths were getting on the BBC, isn't he? You wonder how he and his ilk coped back then.
Just been watching this, blown a gasket I suspect
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By Jollity
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Without bothering to click on the link, I'm assuming his reasoning is "because I'm a rebel, and I'm fighting against THE MAN". Other people fought against fascist governments, or systematic oppression, right-wing libertarians fight against new forms of light bulb. Right-wing libertarians are rubbish in every way.
By spoonman
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When I moved home last year, I got a lot of CFL blubs that have mostly done the trick, though the usual thing about them concerning "warming up" does strongly apply. Later on I got a new desk lamp and decided to get an LED bulb for it, found that a local pound shop was selling 4W ones for £4. Tried it and I think it's great. Still have a spare CFL bulb just in case one blows, but from now on where possible I'm going to try LEDs for replacements. Their price is still a bit of a sticking point, but they're now cheaper than what they were around 18-24 months ago.
By Killer Whale
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Funnily enough, I've just been validating energy usage data for a large industrial plant in South Wales (yes, there's one or two left) and they have invested quite heavily in switching entirely to LED lighting throughout during the past winter. The consumption of their lighting circuits has fallen by a full two thirds. That's billed energy usage directly removed from fixed costs.

But fuck the EU, eh?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Makes you wonder, doesn't it? The sheer bloody minded stupidity.
I looked today and over the life of an LED bulb I could save over £100 in electricity charges. I take that with a pinch of salt, but it doesn't look to be far out.

What sort of people act like Delingpole?
I suppose we know, don't we?
By Abernathy
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It does actually seem to be the case that a probably insignificant number of fuckwits actually DO believe that the EU dreams up regulations on light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, and so forth with the sole motive of pissing the stout honest yeomanry of Engerlund off. Nowt to do with sensible energy saving, oh no. Bloody Johnny Foreigner. Pass me my purple tie with the pound signs on.
By Andy McDandy
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Part of their reasoning is that if people were just offered the choice, they'd make the economic and efficient decision, and their gripe is at being forced to do something.

On the same logic, without speed limits and cameras, drivers would naturally slow down past schools, and indeed, you may as well do away with laws as without them everyone would act sensibly all the time.
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