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By Andy McDandy
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I'm reminded of a Discworld quote - Lord Vetinari I think - along the lines of 'freedom must apply equally, your freedom is just as valuable and protected as everyone else's. Which is where of course things get interesting'.
By Zuriblue
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Andy McDandy wrote:I'm reminded of a Discworld quote - Lord Vetinari I think - along the lines of 'freedom must apply equally, your freedom is just as valuable and protected as everyone else's. Which is where of course things get interesting'.
And similarly,
Terry Pratchett wrote:And no practical definition of freedom would be complete without the freedom to take the consequences. Indeed, it is the freedom upon which all the others are based.(from Going Postal)
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Some may agree with this one. I don't. Having said that, I'd be more willing to take what they say on board if it wasn't coming from a notoriously anti-technology, anti-change, anti-modernisation and pro-good-old-days rag. It comes across as them not liking it because that's just what they do.

JAMES DELINGPOLE: It drives me potty when you can't pay to park with cash and must use tedious, fiddly and time-consuming new system ... ystem.html

Yes, I know we’re supposed to get excited about this new cashless world, but I’m not sure many of us are. In fact, for most of us, I suspect, the downsides far outweigh the benefits.
And if it’s difficult enough for me, I’m pretty techno-illiterate but do at least know how to use an iPhone, imagine how much worse it is for the older generation, some of whom don’t have a mobile phone.
Another big worry with these new cashless parking tickets — again, especially for the elderly — is that you can never be 100 per cent sure whether or not you’re safely registered, or if you’re going to be ticketed or overcharged.
Do we really want to live in a world where, instead of a granny slipping a crisp £10 note into her granddaughter’s birthday card, she has to obtain a book token or iTunes gift card?
We use it in the same way all our ancestors have done, since time immemorial. And now the dictators of the State want to snatch it away from us. Is it any wonder we’re so resistant?

Still, there was never any doubt that the Mailites would agree.
EUSSR, London, 6 hours ago
Where an I to find a telephone box to pay for this parking space? I don't have a mobile phone and I don't want one either.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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You know why these sorts of parking spaces have taken off? Two reasons:
1. Banks pushing for cashless payments as it's cheaper for them and businesses - so capitalism
2. Private parking companies being awarded contracts to run town centre, station and hospital car parks etc, and pushing up prices. I parked at a station the other day and it was £9 for the day. The machine only took coins. It's impractical to have upwards of £9 in change on me all the time in case I have to park and the machine is coins only (and this was a fairly small car park in a quiet town - if I'd been paying in cash in a city it'd be more like £15), so short of having a change machine and/or paying an attendant a wage to be present, the only convenient alternative is phone payments - so capitalism

In short, this is cock-all to do with the state and everything to do with your cash-loving city chums, James. You know - the ones who slip you a wad of crisp tenners to write nonsense about climate change.

EDIT: and thanks to the wonder of unmoderated comments, this is now sat beneath his awful column! :)
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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I'm surprised you're getting green arrowed for that. I can only imagine they didn't make it as far as the climate change point!

Still, the Mailites have another option. Similar to their approach to drones, speed cameras and expensive cars who park illegally (only expensive ones, mind)
uk is finished, bath, 23 minutes ago
Vandalise them! direct action. I'm Mad as hell and Im not going to take it any more
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By crabcakes_windermere
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That's the funny thing about Mailities - they're big fans of capitalism right up to the point they have to pay more for something they used to get cheap/free and they don't get the profit. It's the same inconsistent consistency elsewhere - crack down on joyriders right up to the moment it's one of them being nicked for speeding, tighten up airport security until it's their open bottle of booze and penknife being taken away, no wind farms in my area until they find out the alternative is a nuclear power station and so on. They think it's us v them, not realising that they aren't part of the 'us' that Dave and Nigel try to make out they are - that's just the true elites. They're part of 'them', but are perpetually surprised to discover this.

Mailites (and many Tory/UKIP voters in general) can usually see no further than the end of their nose, and frequently use that limited vision to do no more than locate their nose so they can cut it off to spite their face.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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anteater, London, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Why should people have to lash out on buying and running a smart phone. As an OAP my phone is just the basic one for emergencies. I rarely use it. Will people get fined whilst walking to the nearest shop to organise parking. What happens when the system is down, and don't say it never happens because it does. More seriously, this is a further step towards the surveillance society, and no I am not dramatising.
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:? Why would you need to buy a smartphone? This has been pointed out, with much disapproval.
Denny, London, 2 hours ago
You need to dial a number and register. It does not require a SmartPhone. Any mobile phone will do.
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LilyRo, London, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
You don't need a smart phone. You can call from a basic mobile phone.
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Playing to the gallery though, I suppose:

drogerh, maidenhead, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
It is a form of cyber bullying to get everyone to use technology. I bet most of our MP's couldn't use it. In fact stuff like this shouldn't be foisted on the public until every MP can use it - unaided.
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Boudicca, Southampton, 3 hours ago
Our privacy and life choices are slowly and gradually being taken away from us. All ways of keeping 'the tax paying peasants' under control.
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Noonetotrust, Redruth, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Systems are being planned by university graduates who have never had a proper job and probably don't own a car. They live at least 100 miles from the car park system they are designing. AND they are the same people who design our road system and 'mini roundabouts'
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My brain hurts, Peterborough, 3 hours ago
Where are the human rights lawyers ?. This is simply discrimination against the less tech savvy and the elderly.
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rivonia, lincoln, 4 hours ago
This is the end of parking for many O.A.P. Many do not have phones. Those that do may not understand the system and get confused. It is allready difficult with the existing system. What on earth are they playing at. I an only a young 72 year old pensioner. All this new fangled technical stuff is way over my head
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Morechablis2012, East Sussex, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Do we HAVE to have a mobile phone with us at all times nowadays? It seems to be a legal requirement... 1984 and control... What if you don't have a mobile?
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Jim, Omaha, 5 hours ago
What do you do if you don't own a "smart" phone?
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Just Me, Down south, United Kingdom, 50 minutes ago
I like being off the radar and very rarely use my phone, it's just a hello-goodbye one that I only use when really needed. If I have to pay by phone then I'm on the radar and they know where I am (sounds paranoid) surely there is an argument against these systems that you have the right to come and go without being logged onto the system and your movements recorded.
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By Watchman
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at least you pay the proper amount, and its not one of those capitalist machines that do not give change!

As an aside to The Admin Team; should Delingpole move threads as his ranting's now carry the Right Minds banner
By Andy McDandy
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I used one of these things today. Bit of a pain, as it didn't recognise my registration number and I had to text it, but all in all, 2 minutes and now logged with the parking company if I need to pay again in future.

On a more general note, I'm always amazed by these Luddites whinging about new technology via Internet discussion boards.
By Messianic Trees
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It's every dad's DUTY to put their child in danger and that's why Bear Grylls is our new patron saint
Bear Grylls and son Jesse went on training mission with Abersoch crew
He marooned son, 12, on a rock out at sea as part of a lifeboat exercise
Adventurer was criticised by some who said he was putting son in danger
But others have hailed him as the 'patron saint' for fathers across country

Read more: ... anger.html" onclick=";return false;
Adventurer Bear Grylls has faced many agonies in his time — brutal interrogation during SAS training; breaking his back while freefall parachuting; nearly drowning in the Sumatran jungle.

I suspect, however, he'd happily endure them all again rather than face another maddening encounter with Britain's elf 'n' safety brigade.
By D.C. Harrison
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I think if James had suggested to my dad that he should maroon the 12-year-old me on an island, he would have received a right clip in retort.

And my dad is the most chilled out dude you could imagine!

(My mother would have beaten the stupid fuck to death with her shoe)
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