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By Bones McCoy
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Messianic Trees wrote:It's every dad's DUTY to put their child in danger and that's why Bear Grylls is our new patron saint
Bear Grylls and son Jesse went on training mission with Abersoch crew
He marooned son, 12, on a rock out at sea as part of a lifeboat exercise
Adventurer was criticised by some who said he was putting son in danger
But others have hailed him as the 'patron saint' for fathers across country

Read more: ... anger.html" onclick=";return false;
Adventurer Bear Grylls has faced many agonies in his time — brutal interrogation during SAS training; breaking his back while freefall parachuting; nearly drowning in the Sumatran jungle.

I suspect, however, he'd happily endure them all again rather than face another maddening encounter with Britain's elf 'n' safety brigade.
That first line intrigues me.
I can't help thinking Abersoch Crew are some new rapping boy band.
JD is fascinated by their rent-boy chic styling.
By Abernathy
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The Elf n Safety Brigade.

I now envisage the Brigade jogging along like a platoon of US Marines in the cliche :

"I don't know but I've been told! "

"These regulations are 3 months old!"

I'll get my coat.
By visage
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Am I suggesting that the upper orders are a slippery, disingenuous, morally cowardly bunch? Yes I am, I fear. I first detected it at Oxford and I’ve noticed it very much in my career since as increasingly I’ve written about politics. For a lot of my smarter friends, it’s all incredibly entertaining and outspoken and they love me dearly for it (as I love them dearly back) — but it means they can never take me seriously as a thinker. I’m just too out-there. I’m insufficiently pragmatic. I just don’t get how the real world works.
Its not just your friends that don't take you seriously, James.
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