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By Dan Widdecombe
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Is Rod Liddle the thinking man's Littlejohn?

Now, not sure if there already exists a entry for Mr Liddle but he really is getting quite annoying now!

You may remember his charming Spectator piece from December in which he wrote;
The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community.

"In return we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. For which, many thanks."
All very predictable I guess, but the Mail has today picked up on something rather more sinister. It would appear Mr Liddle has been busy posting on that source of rational informed debate, Millwall FC Online.

Now, bare in mind that this man is heavily tipped to take over the editorship at the Indie....
The first message was written in October, when he contributed to a debate about whether the BNP should admit non-white members.

He wrote: 'There's thousands of organisations catering exclusively to black and asian minorities. **** 'em, close them down. Why do blacks need a forum of their own? As a power base and cash cow for ****s and in order to perpetuate the myth of widespread discrimination.'
Later that month, another comment written by monkeymfc (his stated username) appears in a thread called 'Channel 4 claiming blacks are thick', about a documentary alleging racial differences in intelligence.

In comments Liddle strongly denies writing, the contributor says: 'On average a little under 10 per cent thicker than whites; 15 per cent thicker than east Asians. I thought everyone knew, too. Some argument about cultural bias of tests, but same results come up in US.'
He admits to most of the posts, but is claiming the latter to be the work of an imposter. My personal feelings are that Mr Liddle has rather exhausted the 'benefit-of-the-doubt'.
When first contacted by The Mail on Sunday, Mr Liddle denied writing the BNP message, adding: 'I often get opposition fans logging in under my name to try to embarrass me. I wouldn't go near the racist ones.'

However, he later admitted writing the post. 'Yes I did write that, but be fair,' he said. 'The language is not something I would put in The Sunday Times or The Spectator. You could do me for that I suppose.'
Rod Liddle is often telling the world how much he hates racism, usually just after he has written something racist. So when former BNP press officer Doc Edwards considers you to be the most open-minded journalist in Britain then perhaps they really is no smoke without burning crosses!

OK, admittedly I am relying on the Mail for this story which I know is never advisable, but then again, Rod Liddle is a massive cock!!

Please don't let this dick-cheese take over the Indie. Even if you don't read the thing................ ... 1833778..1
By Malcolm Armsteen
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This has been in the blogosphere for about a week.
There is little doubt that Liddle wrote the comments on the football forum, and his excuses and justifications don't add up. What is perplexing is how he thinks he can veer about in his bias and then be treated as a serious media figure.
Look for comments at Liberal Conspiracy, Roy Greenslade, Anton Vowl etc .

Liberal Conspiracy
Roy Greenslade
Enemies of Reason
Roy Greenslade again
By Samanfur
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It looks as though I'm not going to be switching to exclusively reading The Guardian, after all: ... ndependent" onclick=";return false;
By Malcolm Armsteen
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From those comments:
I'm with DrabWilly on this - anything that pisses off the liberals who have infested all the institutions that control the levers of power in this country is fine by me. One day the day of reckoning will come for these people.
Is this our old friend WATBY?
By Fozzy
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It's quite extraordinary that Luckhurst can seriously advance the argument that Liddle failing to get the Independent editorship equates to lefty liberals preventing his freedom of speech. Seriously, if that level of stupidity gets you a column in the Guardian, I'm off for a job there, it's got to be a lot easier than the way I scratch a living at the moment.

And as for this quote:
A national newspaper edited by an iconoclast determined to challenge the tyranny of the liberal metropolitan elite would have been a real addition to the national conversation
I mean, wtf? Does he seriously think every newspaper in the UK bows down to the so-called "tyranny of the liberal metropolitan elite"? Do you think he's ever seen the Mail and the Sun?
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