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By Jollity
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I imagined Rod Liddle's suspension to be similar to when one is doing a great clean of the big cupboard, and finds some inexplicable Thing one has no memory of.

Then I imagined the Labour Party taking Rod Liddle to the nearest charity shop in a box, with some old books and a ceramic tiger.

Now Rod Liddle sits upon the bric-a-brac shelves, between some unremarkable picture frames and someone's unwanted bubble bath gift set.

Rod Liddle costs £2.49.
By satnav
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Liddle tries to prove that he's even less funny than Littlejohn.

Blame leftie luvvies for surge in migrant (not refugee) deaths

Sun columnist says sending out rescue boats encourages more to make the perilous trip ... eaths.html
TOOK my daughter to the coast for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Nasty weather, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

The kids all had to fight their way through loads of washed-up Albanians to get to the sea.

That’s what it’s like on the South Coast right now. Winkle stalls, candy floss and drenched Albanians.

This is the latest phase of the migrant crisis.

Rubber dinghies pitching up in Kent full of people who are very definitely not refugees.

The BBC may call them refugees, but they are not. There is no war in Albania. Albania is at peace and has been for decades.

The reason the Albanians wish to come here is to get British money.

Some by working hard and putting Brits out of work by undercutting wages.

Some by not working terribly hard, if we’re honest, but by doing other shady stuff.

There’s a fairly vibrant Albanian mafia at work in the UK.

There is no crisis in their beautiful home country.

It’s probably better there now than it has been for 100 years or more.

So the people washing up on our beaches are economic migrants. Almost all of them male and in their twenties or thirties.

Read my lips: They. Are. Not. Refugees.

Meanwhile, the floods of similar migrants — NOT refugees — continue across coastal Europe.

About a year ago I got caught up in a horrible row about this problem.

Migrants were drowning all over the place, off the coasts of Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey.

Their flimsy boats, chartered from unscrupulous scumbags in Turkey and Libya, capsized and many people died.
Idiots over here said we have to do more to help, send out more ships to rescue them.

And so we did. I argued that this would mean more people would drown because more would set off expecting to be saved.

But people said views like that were callous and racist and horrid.

Well, maybe they are. But they were also RIGHT.

We have hundreds of boats scouring the Med for migrants in dinghies. But the number of people who have drowned has increased by a third. It has got much, much, worse.
By Andy McDandy
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Rank among European nations, alphabetically: First.

Rank among European nations, everything else: Last.

Some have pointed out that uniquely among European countries, Albania is majority Muslim (possibly Kosovo and Bosnia too?). Although Liddle's arguments seem to be more along the lines of "They're all crooks and hookers".
By Cyclist
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mattomac wrote:They have also made the Euro's so are quite clearly a rich country with no reason to flee from.
That sounds a bit odd. Not knowing anything about foopball I have to ask: Does a country have to be rich before it's national soccer team can be good enough to qualify for international competitions? :?
By Andy McDandy
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Ah yes, not a million miles off "India's got a space programme so they clearly don't need foreign aid". Missing the point that not every country organises its social spending in the same way, and it's the equivalent of saying "We've got a queen so why do we need food banks?". Unless they want some sort of system wherein everyone gets exactly the same standard of living...
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