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By Big Arnold
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Abernathy wrote:An example of why I've never "got" tattoos. ... oos-733119
“Blokes get the wrong idea about me. They think I’m easy which is not what I am like at all.”
I thought you were a pillock.
By SoulBoy
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Well, there's a surprise... A decision is made not to block communal areas with tat based on a fire risk assessment but BTL the commenters know the real reason.
Abernathy wrote:An example of why I've never "got" tattoos. ... oos-733119
Strongly Agree. I think they are fucking horrible
By SoulBoy
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Absolutely textbook.

Scaffolding eyesore disrupts Christmas decoration plans in Highworth ... Highworth/" onclick=";return false;


Miserable Sodding SadFace - Tick
Arm folding - Tick
Context in background - Tick
Complete and utter non-story with added "Christmas ruined" - Tick

I bet they would remove the scaffolding if the r.eligion of p.eace (d.eath) wanted to put up some Eid decorations!!!!!12!!!eleven!
By Bones McCoy
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Apologies if this has featured previously.

Warning!!! Includes offensive quantities of Giles Coren. ... -glossary/

A great run down of the classic "Sadfacer" memes.

I think they're a couple of steps ahead of us with some of their names:
Compo Face
Death Stare
Done a Poo
Kiddiewinks (Including "Think of the")....
By SoulBoy
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The Adver photographer has introduced a new type of Sadface, the Toulouse Lautrec.

Double yellow lines painted UNDERNEATH parked cars outside sheltered housing ... d_housing/


Paragraph 19 -
“Our workmen put out signs warning residents that the lines would be repainted two weeks before the start of the works but, these were repeatedly removed or vandalised with vehicles being parked in their place.”
By youngian
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Customer left flabbergasted by a Wigan baker's 8p sauce charge ... -1-9012638

Andy said: “What’s really annoying is that he asked me if I wanted any sauce and I said ‘yes, go on I’ll have brown sauce.’ But I can take it or leave it. If there had been a big sign telling me, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it.
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