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By Kreuzberger
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Blimey, that must be minimum 50-miles of very busy, open sea. Is that entirely wise? In a canal boat? In your seventies?
By cycloon
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Bloody stupid, and bloody lucky.

Out of curiosity, I googled if anyone had done it before: ... -boat.html
"When we were just off Whitstable the coastguard rushed out and they probably thought 'what are these idiots doing?' But even knowing they were there, when we set out to sea it was truly terrifying. Being out of sight of land in such a tiny vessel was quite unnerving.
Plucky eccentrics, what ho.
By SoulBoy
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Tommy statue to be installed on Highworth's new Podium in November ... -november/
Resident Gerry Adams fundraised enough money, with the help of generous locals, to pay for a second Tommy statue, which will be installed in the town at a later date.
Gerry Adams? That is an unfortunate name...

woodlums 2 hrs ago
The fund raisers name is Evans... not Adams!
Ex RAF not ex IRA !
By Abernathy
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Who says there's no good news any more ? ... ge-2073659
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