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By mattomac
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Sorry but Compulsory Latin for 11-14 year olds, it's already far beyond the required age to start teaching a language compulsory and as complex as Latin.

Secondary you would think Chinese might be a bit more useful, I did Rhetorical Language as part of my dissertation at University and it's the only time I've come near Latin in my whole schooling. This may put out some but I see such topics as rather redunate and unimportant. The Western World or the future eastern economies will not be talking Latin so what dare I say is the bloody point.

Oh sorry it "sounds" highbrow. These people are literally playing with their kids future but of course being rich and famous they can pay when little Johnny and Jennifer start falling behind in Maths, Science and English and keep the fallacy that Latin and The Classics are somewhat a valuable future resource.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I started Latin at 12 and had no problems at all- got to O level A grade standard for the language within 3 years. It's not too late to start.

It was extremely useful to me but I have no desire to force anyone else to do it. Had I done Media Studies aged 12 I might have cottoned on to some really important stuff about 15 years before I did.

Can't we just offer Young's lot an itinerant Latin teacher in a local school if they drop all this rubbish?
By Mr Mordon
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Chua’s disdain for the touchy-feely, wishy-washy philosophy that underpins the Anglo-American approach to raising children

What could have been an interesting comment about the differences in parenting in influential countries has been ruined with meaningless buzzwords by only the second paragraph.

Oh well...
By Fozzy
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Young, who did not learn Latin himself, claims that it should be taught because it helps children to learn logic. I did do Latin at school and accept that there are good reasons for teaching it, but one thing it absolutely does not do is teach logic. There is nothing logical about a language with numerous declensions, conjugations and exceptions to virtually every rule, let alone one that includes the vocative for nouns such as "table".
By Tubby Isaacs
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It hasn't bothered with vocatives since 1973, I think, when the Cambridge Latin Course came out.

Elsewhere in the book/article referred to here, Chua admits to having threatened to set fire to cuddly toys, to give away a doll's house to charity, and other shit. She's now claiming the good stuff has been missed out. Death threats have come her way.
You can see why such stuff would lead to Young doing this "on the one hand, on the other hand" article, can't you?
By Tubby Isaacs
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Funnily enough, Young is holding the copy of the last Latin book (to my knowledge) to have the vocative case listed in it.

Nice sighting of the "X went to an elite school, how can they oppose more elite schools?" bollocks. Funnily enough, Young doesn't think people like the cabinet who got grants and now want tuition fees scrapped are hypocrites.
The Department for Education has been inundated with applications concerning free schools.
Starting a school is a huge undertaking, but thousands of people are so concerned about education that they are willing to do it.
These applications later turned out to be people asking for information, didn't it?
There's a primary school near my house that serves one of the most deprived council estates in London.
Due to the dedication of its staff, it has been ranked ' outstanding' by schools inspectorate Ofsted and, as a result, had an opportunity to become an academy.
That would have meant being free of the control of local bureaucrats and no longer at the mercy of unions.
Needless to say, the NUT opposed this school's bid for freedom tooth and nail.
The headteacher allegedly received threatening emails from a union representative. The school has now shelved its plans.
The head didn't keep the threatening emails? Really? And the school became outstanding under the control of local bureaucrats and the unions, didn't it? Why change that?
Britain once prided itself on being a fair society, where anyone could get on in life if they were prepared to work hard. Not any more.
We're at the bottom of international league tables for social mobility, with our schools ranked below those of Poland, Latvia and Estonia.
Thanks to the decimation of grammar schools, it's harder for someone born to working-class parents to enter one of the professions than at any time in the past 45 years. Our class system is stronger than ever.
Yeah, nothing to do with the rich keeping more and more of the wealth or anything.
But I take heart from the fact that there are tens of thousands of people behind us. So far, more than 1,600 local parents have expressed an interest in sending their children to our school and expressions of support continue to stream in every day. I'm confident we will prevail - we have to.
So you set up a school that creams off the middle class, and you think it's surprising people want to go there?
Britain's schools are now ranked 23rd in the world. If we want to compete with countries such as China, we need to reform our education system and once again unleash the native talent that made this country great.
China has free schools, does it? Does young know that it's Shanghai that gets the results he foams at?
By Tubby Isaacs
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The union had circulated a document to councillors in which I was accused of sleeping with prostitutes - a false allegation lifted from my former colleague Julie Burchill's autobiography published 13 years ago.
I'm a happily married father of four and the council's lawyers had moved to suppress the document on the grounds it was libellous.
She's a mate of yours, and I wasn't aware you denied it previously. I think if Bob Crow had been doing that (and put away tons of coke) you might have mentioned it.

Why would the council have been liable for the libel in a document someone gave to them?

Anyway, I'll give Young this as being a bit sharp. Not much of a hate campaign, is it? They organised some events. They don't get their own newspaper columns, Toby.
By Tubby Isaacs
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He's not running the school, he's setting it up with a bunch of other people. They'll contract someone else to run it. It really isn't very difficult to do what he's doing. The point is the unnecessary costs to the taxpayer and the lack of accountability.

This doesn't seem like a particularly well-advised article. Apart from the bit about the council kicking out the charities. Are we to believe that Tory council hadn't thought of kicking the out so that the Tory-led coalition could get one of its flagship policies underway?

Actually, forget that. He's a twat, and I enjoyed the article.
By yumicho
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I went to a recording of a Radio 4 program (well three of them actually as they tape a bunch at once) early last summer, and he was on the panel. Total tool. He actually brought out his laptop and was furiously searching because I guess he disagree with something that the host said about one of his guesses.

He's always repulsed me a bit, and it seemed that I wasn't the only one. I think a woman sitting next to us mumbled something when he was introduced. Of course this was all before the free school crap.
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