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By Messianic Trees
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The last thing we want to hear is that most MPs took a pay cut when they entered Parliament
If we think MPs are lazy and overpaid, why are we so cross when one of them – Mark Simmonds – says he's leaving the Commons because he can find more congenial work elsewhere? He wants to spend time with his children before they grow up, and has been honest enough to come clean as to why he is leaving. Yet the reaction ranges from scorn to outright fury.
I'm blowed if I can work out what he has done to deserve this level of hostility.

It's something much more than envy. True, a minister of state’s £90,000 salary is far above the national average, and there are always a few people who object to anyone earning "too much". But that doesn't explain the volcanic eruption of abuse.

I think Simmonds's real crime is to have challenged people's prejudices. We don't want to hear that an MP might be making a sacrifice, that he might be working longer hours than before he was elected, that he might have taken a pay-cut (as the majority of those elected in 2010 did). When one of them says that he has had enough, thanks, and that he'd be happier in the private sector with less abuse, more privacy and a lot more money, it upsets the way we want to think about our politicians.
By new puritan
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Man of the people Hannan seems to have misjudged his audience a bit with that one. For one thing Simmonds has claimed £1.7m in expenses since 2001, so it's grotesque to see this total arsewipe pleading poverty (apparently 'spare room subsidies' for MPs are fine and dandy). This is why people get so pissed off.

By the way, when Hannan talks about devolving powers to local level he means a race to the bottom. Poorer local authorities have less of a tax base to raise money from, while rich boroughs have fewer poor people to attend to. So the effect will be to exacerbate already massive regional inequalities.
By Gentlefish
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Good god, is he actually claiming that Mark Simmonds is some sort of minor angel who has been driven out of doing good by those beastly journos? What planet does this idiot live on? Simmonds not only claimed nearly two million in expenses, as you point out, but he also flogged his second home for more than £500k profit. A second home with mortgage payments that he claimed as part of his expenses. We are well rid of him.
By Killer Whale
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These people have a sense of entitlement that's beyond the conceptions of folks like us. Free house? Well, yes, it's the sort of thing a person like me would deserve... £50k salary for a part time job lobbying on behalf of some old friends? Got to keep the wheels running smoothly...

etc. etc.

Meanwhile, ask them if an unemployed disabled person living in a flat above an abandoned shop in Rhyl is entitled to a little bit of dignity.
By Tubby Isaacs
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He was on Twitter moaning about some bloke on Newsnight saying that the Empire's contribution to the Great War had been forgotten.

You get the point, wink, wink.

Funnily enough we were talking about this in my middle class ordinary shires family the other day. Can't remember who it was who said they'd forgotten about the Empire troops a bit. Whether it was my brother, mum or dad, they're not metropolitan politically correct elitists who hate white people.
By youngian
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National government commitments to energy conservation is a result of Kyoto protocols. For EU members it means implementing them on an EU scale to avoid a Dutch auction and gain leverage to control global imports of poor energy devices.

The Tories of course know this and if this was purely a national policy you know what their answer would be; "all very laudible Ms Lucas but in the real world we have to compete with foreign manafucaturers who don't implement them".

And that's what irks them; they joined the Treaty of Rome to impose free market hegemony over national governments not as a way of curtailing it. They are now reduced to third rate nationalist rhetoric about unelected bureacrats telling us what to do in order to try and justify unregulated capitalism.
By youngian
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Messianic Trees wrote:Only a Tory-Ukip deal can stop Labour winning power... says DANIEL HANNAN

Read more: ... z3EgdfiNed" onclick=";return false;
He attracts some less than bright sparks including a Mail favourite the anti-immigration immigrant.
Howling Hammer, Vancouver, Canada, 16 minutes ago
I think a Labour government would Would destroy Britain once and for all!! I emigrated because of those clowns policy's and sadly I look at my old home area in East London and frankly it disgusts me! I see one bright light and that's UKIP !!!!

BRITISH, EXETER, United Kingdom, 16 minutes ago
If Labour win the next Election Angela Merkal will be moving into No 10 and Ed will be in No 11.
By youngian
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'One article Dan' could refer to Hannan or Hodges.
In the year that we joined, Western Europe accounted for 36 per cent of the world economy. Today, that figure is 24 per cent, and in ten years’ time it will be 14 per cent. Last year, the Commonwealth’s economy overtook the eurozone’s
Using a preposterous phrase like 'the Commonwealth economy' shows you where Hannan's head is at.
By spoonman
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youngian wrote:'One article Dan' could refer to Hannan or Hodges.
In the year that we joined, Western Europe accounted for 36 per cent of the world economy. Today, that figure is 24 per cent, and in ten years’ time it will be 14 per cent. Last year, the Commonwealth’s economy overtook the eurozone’s
Percentages can often be meaningless without context, and it this case it looks very much like it. Unless "Western Europe's" actual output has fallen on balance sheets when measured against inflation from the 70's, then the percentage quoted only means that the economies of many of the developing countries have come along a long way over the last 40 years, which should be a wet dream to the likes of Hannan. It's a natural symptom of post-industrial economies. And he doesn't fool me in trying to tie in "Western Europe" with "Eurozone". Try as hard as he might, Britain will not be able to break away from the geography of Europe bar a major tectonic plate shift.
youngian wrote:Using a preposterous phrase like 'the Commonwealth economy' shows you where Hannan's head is at.
A genuine question that should be asked to those in the field - does anyone within any of the Commonwealth countries actually give that much of a shit about it being important to trade with a UK that it needs to be outside the EU? I know Australia & New Zealand aren't going to drop trade with East Asia countries just for some romantic notion.
By Kreuzberger
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Just a couple of thgoughts;

China's growth alone will have skewed those trade figures massively in the last 40 years.
The Commonwealth's population is 2.3bn with much of that "growth" derived from expensive newly-discovered oil and cheap labour. It is still largely piss-poor.
Hannan is a mere apprentice of deceit.
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