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By Kreuzberger
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Kreuzberger wrote: Hannan is a mere apprentice of deceit.
Not the space cowboy? Or the gangster of love?
The former, probably. The latter doesn't bear thinking about.

You sit here desperately trying to think of things that imply falling woefully short of being the Master of this, that or anything else and you know that some bastard is just parking up his Volvo and steadying the slingshot ;)
By youngian
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Messianic Trees wrote:Dave could demand the Earth from Europe's leaders. But they're amazed he wants so LITTLE, says Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP

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It is heartening Hannan is annoyed
My Austrian MEP friend was incredulous. ‘Is that it?’ he asked, stunned by the modest nature of the concessions David Cameron is seeking from his fellow heads of government.
Like other Euro-integrationists, the MEP had been expecting tough demands from our Government. Now he is stunned and relieved by how little is being demanded.
Mr Juncker is a Fifties-style federalist who wants an EU minimum wage
Single workers rights in a single market, what a crazed federalist idea.
Yet Mr Juncker is no fool. He knows that Britain will never willingly follow such an agenda.
Wanna bet Dan, fancy a referendum on the issue?

Its looking like a Harold Wilson sham negotiation, most of the items on this list whether you agree or not, can be sorted in an afternoon over a cup of tea" onclick=";return false;

And the parliamentary scrutiny request appears to be the sort of system that Denmark and German Lander all ready operate. And in practice Cameron would be handing power over from the government to parliament, which aint gonna happen in practice.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I wasn't very clear there. He said protect from the Single Market rules, I think.

Sure, Cameron can use (or more likely, threaten to use) his veto to influence the rules in the normal course of events. But no reason at all the EU should concede a load of stuff specially. What's he going to do? Leave and then have no say in the rules?

He's going to have to dress up some piece of normal negotiation as a "renegotiation", isn't he?
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