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How smearing a student’s reputation was irresistible for the media ... l-politics" onclick=";return false;
Listening to Radio 4 this morning on the way to work, I caught this programme:" onclick=";return false;
Press For Diversity: Journalist Hugh Muir examines whether the newspaper industry is losing touch with Britain's increasingly diverse society. Last year, the Reuters Institute of Journalism published research showing 94% of British journalists are white and 86% university educated. Ethnic minorities and the working classes are largely unrepresented. Does this lack of diversity in newsrooms undermine the quality and accuracy of the news we read?
Worth half an hour of your time IMO.
I'm going to sound like Ron Manager but journalism once had a proper career structure where you come in from any direction do your apprenticeship and the job was properly financed local papers so you could go out and learn your beat. I suppose its becoming like acting where you have to be self-financing to get your foot in the door. I advised journalist students to consider trade and business press as its more egalitarian as its about what you know, better paid and you can get to specialise in your subject.
Boiler wrote:Listening to Radio 4 this morning on the way to work, I caught this programme:" onclick=";return false;
Neil Wallis was not in the business of training people and there were very few black and Asian people applying to work for him at the News of the World. I wonder why? "What about more Jocks to report Scotland?" Wallis thoughtfully raises.
Judging by the types who crawled out of the woodwork at Leveson, in many cases it looked like a choice between the tabloid press and running a Soho clip joint.
I try to see some good in most people Steve Coogan observed but could find no redeeming features in NoW reporter Neville Thurlbeck. Nev's landed on his feet since his stretch in chokey on a retainer from the fur industry and the Putin Broadcast Corporation" onclick=";return false;
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The one that stuck in my mind was the grown up ratboy who declared "privacy is for paedoes". Paul something?
Paul McMullan who now runs a grubby boozer in Kent similar to the ones he spent his journalistic career in. And I think he must have been promised a drink for grassing up all his colleagues he wasn't doing it out of ethical concern.

McMullan became the landlord of The Bull public house in the village of Eastry for Punch Taverns. McMullan employed a bar manager to run the pub. After residents' complaints about noise from the pub he handed in his resignation as leaseholder. The bar manager took over and the pub was under investigation by Dover District Council and Kent Police. before it closed completely.

McMullan owns and runs The Castle Inn, a public house near the Port of Dover, Kent In August 2011, he tried to apply for a licence for topless barmaids in the pub. This was later refused." onclick=";return false;)
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‘Electric ants’ invade Eastbourne

Pest controllers found the invasion of ants in two residential streets, as reported in the national press.
As reported in the national press today (Saturday, June 30), the Eastbourne colony is estimated to be around one million-strong/quote]
Did the local rag bother to find out which two streets? Don't be silly ... -1-8551657
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Fat chance of that.

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