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By Andy McDandy
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As the actual veterans die off, the memory of the war is replaced by the myth. Also, in an age of mass communication and instant gratification, being seen to do something takes increased precedence.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I think also part of the problem is it's not so much about remembrance anymore among certain sections. When you see the knobheads on Twitter going ape shit about some random newsreader not wearing a poppy you can almost guarantee they'll be Tommy Robinson/UKIP types and their motivation for wearing a poppy is some perceived 'trolling' of the Left.
By Andy McDandy
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Oh yes, it's setting up hoops for people to jump through, to 'prove' that they belong. Wearing a poppy, are you? Okay, when did you start wearing it? Is it on the right side? Is the leaf pointed to 11*? Is it too gaudy? Slightest slip and its proof that you're not one of us.

*Yes, I know they're myths, but the amount of people who believe this body of lore that's grown up around the thing...
By Snowflake
From the archives.

Football club scores an own goal by putting a picture of Nazis on its special Remembrance Day match programme. ... ramme.html

Michael Riley, London, 9 years ago
funny but seriously all war dead should be remembered, Ordinary German soldiers who were not Nazi scum should be remembered,

23 207
AB, St Andrews, 9 years ago
At the end of the day those men were as much someone's son as a British soldier.

edriordan, enigma, 9 years ago
Actually mate they are normal german soldiers which were not part of the nazy party but fought for germany in world war II so lets get the old facts right those uniforms are standard norman german soldiers.

By Bones McCoy
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Took the tiny goblin to a school careers event last night.

I'd anticipated a couple of hours killing time, but found a former work contact on the Army stand.
Managed about 10 minutes chat and got an introduction to a couple of his colleagues.

It was notable that the Army recruiters wore the bog standard plastic and paper poppy.

Quite a contrast to the folks form the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, who looked as though THEY had annexed a few square yards of Helmland Province.
By Boiler
See also:
A man who disrupted a Remembrance Sunday event with fireworks had to be rushed away from angry veterans by police.

The fireworks exploded in the sky as hundreds of people stood in silence at 11:00 GMT and listened to the Last Post at the cenotaph in Eccles, Salford. ... r-50367340
By Andy McDandy
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TBH even if you're not trolling the people observing the silence, you've got to be a cunt for setting off fireworks at 11 in the morning.
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