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By mojojojo
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Not aware of this delightful chap before now ... eeblement/

In this fun filled peice he manages to slip in
War and welfare are both fairly costly and life-wasting ways to spend money
This tome is forthcoming ... 803&sr=8-1" onclick=";return false;

And he's written for Spiked.

By new puritan
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West is another smarmy, try-hard 'libertarian' tosser. Still, looks like this latest piece has gone down like a fart in a crowded lift.
Jude Crasta
Today 01:21 AM
West is completely out of sync with what the world needs right now. His personal cynical commentary resembles more of a cry for attention to conservative political views than anything else. We don't need your editorializing of how the pursuit of equality is fruitless or that welfare is life-wasting. Keep them to yourself. I am all for space exploration and do believe it is the only way forward but a '51st American state'?

Let's keep the politics and land greed to the confines of the planet's atmosphere. Let's agree that anything outside the atmosphere of the planet and within our planetary system's boundaries are INTERNATIONAL territory. We don't need to set the stage for a war outside. Everyone should have the right to space. The moon is WORLD property, not that of the first one to go and pitch a tent. Why don't we just build cities on the Pacific and Atlantic and call them American territories and tax whatever trade routes pass through? Heck, they'd be cheaper. Space program, moon base, exploration- YES! Political territory-NO!.
Yesterday 10:14 PM
This idiot West supports Gingrich's moon base on the grounds that it will unite humanity. He then says that Gingrich intends to establish a massive colony and claim the moon as the fifty-first state. Wonder how united the world will be with America when it realises that the US is claiming ownership of the moon. I know blogs like these are money for old rope to their authors but they could at least put some thought into them. This one is sub-Delingpole. :mrgreen:
Yesterday 07:54 PM
But meantime, the USA hasn't a single spaceworthy vehicle. They are all grounded. The USA is hitching lifts on Russian launches to get to the ISS. The ISS is being supplied exclusively by Russian supply launches.

There's a glaring gulf between Newt's mouth-offs about space and reality. But this is par for the course with yankee rightwing whackjobs. Ronnie Raygun said he was going to build Star Wars weapons in space. The Simian Simpleton said he was going to launch a manned mission to Mars (although he might have meant 'to m'arse'). The plan for a Newt Colony on the Moon will merely be the third Republican election promise on space exploration to fall through.

Douglas Adams had an excellent plan called 'The B-Ark'. Think of all the people it could carry? George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Condi Rice, Scooter Libby, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, Billary Clinton, Mutt Romney, Chuck Norris. Now there's a space project that deserves funding!
By Tubby Isaacs
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He defended Liddle's "rap music and goat curry" remark by saying Liddle was talking about black crime, and the establishment didn't. The fact it was possible to do that without being offensive didn't occur to him.

Like all who do that argument, West hadn't noticed Operation Trident. Presumably he was expecting it to be called Operation Spade, or something.
By Tubby Isaacs
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#216206 ... ds-to-leav" onclick=";return false;

In which our UKIP hero laments that the EU stops us sucking up to America as much as he would like, and reckons that John Bolton (who he quotes with a straight face) and all give a flying fuck about Britain.

And neo-conservatism is "(naively) altruistic".
By new puritan
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UKIP would be better off renaming themselves the US Subservience Party. For all their pontificating about Brussels, they'd be only too happy to have Washington's boot on our neck. Some truly charming comments after that piece, as ever.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Guess who Britain's greatest foe was.... Edward Heath! ... eatest-foe" onclick=";return false;

Rubbish about "foreign power" and all that. Ted Heath, unlike Edward West, actually took part in a proper war against one.

Something bizarre about channel and North Sea points being united under the enemy. And indeed united with Britain, though he doesn't say that. NATO, of course, isn't mentioned either.
By Tubby Isaacs
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This is absolutely woeful as well: ... years-ago/" onclick=";return false;

He doesn't have space to mention that there are more homophobic attacks in Islington than Tower Hamlets, and that the rise in Harrow is 5 times higher. Westminster, with gay free Soho, rises 26% too.

There's a made up bit about a vandalised lingerie advert in Spitalfields (which he implies had "respect Islam" on it). And no explanation why these family values (he likes Mary Whitehouse) are bad suddenly.

Above all, he matches some Austin Powers view of the sixties with London as his view of Tower Hamlets now. And reckons gays are better staying in the provinces.
By ezinra
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He also slightly overlooks the fact that male homosexuality was a criminal offence 50 years ago, and that two men kissing in public could be prosecuted for obscenity well into the 1970s. All in all, I think I prefer 2012.

And I've defaced a lingerie advert. Does that make me a conservative?
By Tubby Isaacs
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You know that lefty "manufacturing consent" stuff? Worried about the power of lying newspaper barons, the Taxpayers Alliance, rightwing think tanks with secret funding?

Forget it. The real problem is small amounts of money given by governments to the likes of Stonewall. ... ed-debate/" onclick=";return false;

And straight-talking Ed thinks his hardcore Catholic mates shouldn't be called nasty names.
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