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By Boiler
How'd that work then, Kreuzy? Malc could do education and photography, you could do travelogues and tech, Munchers could do fine cuisine and cycling along with Cyclist - who else? What could Abers do...?
By Kreuzberger
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Quite looking forward to TheWeepingAngel as the sub and consumer affairs correspondent, covering largely laptop batteries and free things that don't work.

Big Rob on medical and, of course, diplomacy. AOB on sport and horticulture, proving that football is so inclusive these days.

The legal affairs desk is safe in the hands of none other than Oboogie.
By Andy McDandy
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Coverage on the Scun's Twitter feed (I do so you don't have to etc...) goes roughly like this:

"What a bastard, and saying he visits a homeless shelter, he's made that up!"

"Er, he actually does that"

"Virtue signalling cunt, only doing it for the publicity"

"But he does it without any fanfare or press coverage, and has done for years"

"Oh yeah, what's this then?"

"He was asked a question by a reporter. Would you have preferred him to lie?"

"Yeah, well, what's he doing giving interviews..."
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