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By youngian
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I’ve known Telegraph readers who weren’t particularly right wing but liked its high quality reporting rigour. That has long gone.
Slavish support for Boris Johnson has turned the Telegraph into a joke

The circulation fall has been so dramatic that TMG’s chief executive, Nick Hugh, decided in January to remove the Telegraph titles from the monthly sales audits carried out by ABC. His reasoning, according to a company statement, was that the ABC figures were “not the key metric behind our subscription strategy and not how we measure our success”.

A couple of weeks ago it went to war with Britain’s largest newspaper retailer, WH Smith. After increasing the Telegraph’s cover price from £2 to £2.50, it unilaterally decided to reduce the margin paid to the retailer from 21.5% to 17%. WH Smith responded by banishing the paper from sale at 120 of its railway stores.

TMG was forced to sue for peace and reached a new agreement with WH Smith, as it has done with other outlets, such as the Co-op.

The details are supposedly shrouded in commercial secrecy, but I understand that TMG has backed down and failed to secure a deal on its own terms. It was a misstep born out of the publisher’s financial woes, which saw the company’s profits plunge by 94% in 2018 to just £900,000. Until recent years, the company had been regularly returning profits of £50m. ... SApp_Other
By The Red Arrow
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A long but informative read...

The Break-Up
Barclay v Barclay

They fought for Brexit and were kingmakers for Boris Johnson, but at their moment of glory, things are getting ugly for the secretive businessmen and their families

By Jane Martinson ... _v_barclay
By spoonman
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There was a time when The Daily Telegraph was an informative, sober broadsheet with Conservative party leanings. The last decade however has seen it go utterly down the tubes into a heavily jingoistic right-wing spiral into a bottomless hole that can pass itself off as the British print version of America's F*x News.

This twitter poster has been kind enough to group together the insanity over the last few weeks concerning the COVID-19 lockdown, so that you & me don't have to...






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By Kreuzberger
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Not to mention that shot of Allison Pearson. It is misrepresentation of Littlejohnian proportions.

Not that that would worry the few remaining readers of this ghastly fanzine.
By Boiler
Abernathy wrote:
Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:43 pm
A shallow observation, perhaps, but that image of Janet Daly makes her look as if she has not long been dug up.
She looks just the same as when she's on the BBC news channel before Saturday lunchtime, so it is at least a true portrayal.
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