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By Watchman
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satnav wrote:
Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:38 pm
A couple more for the collection.

The police's arbitrary new powers may have just inspired my next campaign

A brush with death has empowered the Prime Minister
Oh, do come on Nige, even you cannot believe that your mouth breathing followers are going to spunk another load of notes to join another "party", particularly as you appear to infer it may be on an anti-police ticket
By Bones McCoy
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satnav wrote:
Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:00 pm
Another beauty from the Brexit massive

We need Boris Johnson back in action now — even if just for an hour a day

Presumably for the likes of Farage anf O'Flynn one hour's work a day almost constitutes full-time work.
ATOS would have him pulling the full 8 hours already...
By satnav
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I wonder what the take up will be like on the Telegraph's latest offer?
We’re giving all of the staff of our brilliant NHS a free, six-month digital subscription to The Telegraph, including the full newspaper on your phone or tablet
I'm sure NHS staff can't wait to read articles by Charles Moore about how rubbish the NHS is or Toby Young suggesting that there should be a cull of older people.
By satnav
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The Telegraph know exactly who to blame for the PPE crisis.

The NHS, not Brexit or ministers, is to blame for PPE failings
he debate over Brexit feels like it took place in another era, such is the dramatic impact of the pandemic. The apocalyptic forecasts generated by Project Fear during the referendum never materialised, so opponents transferred their jeremiads to the period leading up to the UK’s exit.

When nothing untoward happened then, the gloomy prognostications were seamlessly attached to the transition period intended to produce a trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

Nothing that Brexit could produce by way of economic disruption remotely comes close to what we are now witnessing. Yet the agenda has not gone away. There are now concerted efforts to suggest that the Government’s failure to get to grips with coronavirus early enough was because they were distracted by Brexit....
By bluebellnutter
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Is it just me or is literally every really, really terrible Coronavirus "take" coming from the Telegraph? I mean even the Mail seems to be being pretty sane compared to them right now.
By satnav
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The Telegraph clearly employs a lot of journalist who like to bash the NHS and attack China. Like most papers the Telegraph has clearly lost a lot of revenue because of the Coronavirus so they are pushing as much as possible to end the lockdown so they can get back to making money.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Hmm. I know an ex-Telegraph journalist, who is a Labour supporter and fairly decent bloke. When chastised over the Telegraph's anti-Labour coverage he said that most of their scribblers didn't believe what they wrote, but did so because that was the instruction from on high. And they were paid handsomely to do so.

Where that leaves him morally, I left him to decide. My views are pretty well formed.
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By Kreuzberger
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This very much echoes my first-hand experience. Some get it and recoil in disgust. Others plough on with a defence worthy of Nuremberg. "If I didn't do it, someone else would."

James O'Brien touched upon this today, saying that he has similarly-minded friends on these titles who just knuckle down because, "their kids need shoes, too." He offered no further comment.

O'Brien might be the darling of the sentient, liberal classes but the Kool-Aid hasn't yet entirely left his system.

If every man has his price, there's been a fire-sale on for the last twenty years.
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