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By satnav
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It looks like Lord Botham has got a new gig writing for the Telegraph.
I won't let the bleeding heart eco-woke ride roughshod over our countryside
My mission in the House of Lords is to stand up for ordinary rural folk like me
I'm not sure how a multi millionaire with a second home in Spain can really class himself as 'ordinary rural folk'
By Cyclist
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No Ian. Not ordinary rural folk, but ordinary rural folk "like me."

Ordinary wealthy members of the landed gentry - the folk the Tories have always stood up for. Indeed, the folk the Tory Party was created for and by.
By Andy McDandy
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Last time I saw him in the countryside, he was leading some "friends" off into the woods to batter them to death after having a go on his Revitive pad.
By Kreuzberger
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Botham put in a decent cricket shift for England, or so I am told. John Lydon made a few decent records. I just wish that the ageing totems could be left to their dotage while they can still retain a shred of their dignity. Yes, I know they elbow their way in to the slimelight but they really ought to be ignored for their own good.

Can you imagine how Strummer would have handled 2020? A crisp tenner would be on a love-in with Corbyn but at least it would have sounded ok.
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