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By youngian
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Arrowhead wrote:I'm relieved to see there's actually as many as fifteen of them. I was starting to worry it was just Clarke, Soubry, and a couple of others.

They need a few more to counterbalance arseholes like Field, Stringer and Hoey but its a good start.

Fuck you Frank
Up to 21 Tory rebels now against Mrs May's "Brexit Day law".
And two ministers have indicated they could resign next autumn if exit deal is bad for UK
By The Red Arrow
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Timbo wrote:Just a shot in the dark here, but surely these guys must have targeted some Tory MPs too, right?

Oh, for sure -

Tory MP Raymond Mawby sold information to Czech spies
By Gordon Corera Security correspondent, BBC News

28 June 2012

if you want something more recent...

Some cynics are even suggesting that all this Corbyn bollocks is, in part, an attempt to lessen the impact of trans-Atlantic fallout from upcoming Mueller revelations - I couldn't possibly comment.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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"The Nazis were socialists"...

The sort of face-palming nonsense you expect to hear from thick alt-right types like Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet.

Now it's a 'serious' article in the Telegraph.

A history lesson for those who would smear the moderate Right: the Nazis were socialists ... ocialists/

I don't read the Telegraph at all but I have been seeing comments recently that they're starting to completely lose the plot.

It can be dismissed as more shite from Right wing rags but it's part of a worrying trend. Alt-right/racist/far-right language and memes now becoming used freely in the national main stream media. We've seen the "virtue signalling", "snowflakes" etc being used as standard language in the likes of The Sun and Mail and now we're seeing shit like this, too.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Written by Norman Tebbitt, a more mendacious and unpleasant bastard it would be hard to find.

But your point is well made. Since the Tories kicked Leveson into touch, and indeed have encouraged the right-wing press in their growing hysteria, the gates of the pen have been opened and the animals are loose.
By cycloon
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Christ, who thought Tebbit would be the guy to provide some thoughtful reflections on German history?

It's so bloody over-used, it's now a classic canard of right-wing fuckery. I suppose the GDR was democratic like Britain is, yeah? Ironically, the article itself is a sign the New Statesman might be on to something...

I read a few of the comments. Many were simply blind raging at Corbyn, not engaging with the article at all beyond 'New Statesman is wrong because they distract from Corbyn's woes' (as if the NS loves Corbyn...).
By mr angry manchester
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There was a small section of the Nazi party, in its early days, which did take the socialist side of their programme seriously. They were lead by Gregor Strasser, but they were eliminated during the night of the long knives.

Presumably, the socialist element of the programme was included by Hitler mainly as a means of gaining votes. The fact that he called it the “National Socialist” party is irrelevant. He could have called it Eric if he wanted to.
By Andy McDandy
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Telegraph strapline today: Allison Pearson - "We need a chess grand master...Not the runner up in the 1973 Towcester tiddlywinks competition".

Put me in mind of that famous scene from the Day Today, "I'm trying to run a high class bureau de change here, not a two bit nipple peep show in Rio de Janeiro!".
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