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By satnav
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I'm still struggling to understand why Cameron decided to push ahead with all this in the week that the Budget should really be taking centre stage. Did Cameron realise that the Budget was going to be so bad that he decided to press ahead with his Royal charter idea so that they could get all the shit out of the way in one week ready to start with a clean state after the Easter recess?
By Tubby Isaacs
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The bad stuff will be mostly at public sector workers. He's actually got some good news he can repeat about pensions, in the future. ... z2NvglPhqe" onclick=";return false;
Mr Osborne’s windfall will come from the small print of the plan to introduce a single-tier pension at a minimum of £144 a week in 2016-17. The chancellor said on Sunday the new pension would be a “huge boost” for pensioners but did not add that associated changes would see steep rises in national insurance bills for employers and employees in final salary pension schemes. This was confirmed on Monday in a written statement by Lord Freud, the minister for welfare reform.
So generation that includes loads of people with very good pensions get a rise of, in the case of a single pensioner getting the basic pension now, £37 a week in 3 years (basic is £107 now). Sound public finances there. Poorest pensioners get a rise of £1.50 in 3 years. Fairness and all!
By The Red Arrow
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A neat summary...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013
Press Regulation – Tantrum Throwing Special ... owing.html" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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I'm enjoying the Schadenfreude as much as anyone. Of course I know the Tory press are not born again civil liberty defenders but I'm still not clear what the limits of the Leveson proposals are and invoking Milly Dowler's parents doesn't sort that out in my mind.

I personally just want the print media to work under the same conditions as TV and radio journalists, who are accountable to a code of conduct regulated by Ofcom.
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