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By Bones McCoy
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Daley Mayle wrote:The outcome of the consultation will one of those small but defining moments of British history.

Cameron's decision to hold the Inquiry and his promises that the recommendations would be implemented unless they were, in his words, bonkers has painted his successor's government into a corner. When faced with such difficult decisions politicians either kick into the long grass or fudge the issue. Having already hoofed it down the road and then added a further ten weeks that gave the press time to put together a massive and coordinated campaign then the first option is not available and I really can't see where they can fudge it, Leveson's recommendations were reasonable and flexible.

I think what will happen is a massive watering down of the Leveson's Inquiry's recommendations to homeopathic levels and warnings that the press are in the Really, Really Last Chance Saloon.
It could be yet another Sandy Hook* moment.

* School gun rampage where the "liberal elite" were convinced "This is so fucking beyond the pale that something must get done this time".
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