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By youngian
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That's too Guardian for words.

Six of the best healthy breakfasts

Ashura cereal with yoghurt and fresh fruit (pictured above)
Overnight oats with blueberry, vanilla and chia
Coconut brown rice porridge with mango and lime
Ten-minute almond granola
Baked oats with apple, pear and banana
Harisa ... breakfasts

I'll buy that one
Cingulate 16m ago
Bacon and eggs is now recommended by many doctors as a good start to the day. Quick and easy, in a wrap with a strong cup of coffee, also recommended by the medical profession. All of the admirable dishes presented may have a place in some people's day, but not in mine.
By bluebellnutter
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I'm very wary of claiming anything is peak Guardian. It's like a multi-stage mountain, every time you clear a summit another looms in front of you.
By SoulBoy
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I discovered, in Shoreditch of course, that Peruvian Corn Soufflés for breakfast are a thing.

I was in London for a Stag Do at the weekend and we stayed in an AirBnB off Brick Lane. The Stag woke on Sunday morning wanting a Full English. I suspected this would be a challenge but his mind was set, bagels weren't going to do the job. We ended up walking for over half an hour, looking at the menu in every likely looking caff, before we finally found something that resembled a cooked breakfast. We must have passed dozens of organic, vegan, super food joints.

The Pros of our breakfast - It was served on a plate which is a rarity in itself in that neck of the woods.

The Cons - The tiny milk churns that served as milk jugs completely failed as pouring devices unless you wished to pour down the side of the container and on to the table and the short, wide tea cups, practically saucer shaped, seemed designed to make hot drinks cold in the shortest possible time.
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