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By Bones McCoy
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Arnold wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:08 am
Prep 15 min
Cook 40 min
Cool 20 min
I seem to be missing something here. I always thought that breakfast was the first meal of the day and something quick and easy to knock up.
Quick and easy to knock up, was the article.
By The Weeping Angel
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Brilliant move ... untability
That the voices of “women of colour” are getting louder and more influential is a testament less to the accommodations made by the dominant white culture and more to their own grit in a society that implicitly – and sometimes explicitly – wants them to fail.

At the Sydney writers’ festival on Sunday, editor of Djed Press, Hella Ibrahim, relayed the final minutes of a panel on diversity featuring writers from the western Sydney Sweatshop collective. One of the panellists, Winnie Dunn, in answering a question about the harm caused by good intentions, had used the words “white people” and “shit” in the same sentence. This raised the ire of a self-identified white woman in the audience who interrogated the panellists as to “what they think they have to gain” by insulting people who “want to read their stories.”

In other words, the woman saw a personal attack where there wasn’t one and decided to remind the panellists that as a member of the white majority she ultimately has their fate in her hands.
This is being lapped up by the alt-right, so brilliant move Guardian.
By MisterMuncher
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In fairness, it really, really isn't.

One was based on a piss-poor, biased study carried out by a charlatan, which along with its manifest flaws, could not demonstrate, or even infer a mechanism by which such a thing could occur.

Meanwhile, though, small microwave transmitters held close to the body might well be worth investigating, and well designed studies and meta-analysis seems to concur. The mechanism is well understood. This is not Chuck McGill* electro-sensitivity bullshit, there's a qualified and understood danger with high exposure.

*Character portrayed by the always-fantastic Michael McKean in "Better Call Saul", suffering from psychosomatic sensitivity to electrical devices, rendering him incapable of leaving the house, causing him to tear out the wiring in his house etc. A surprisingly nuanced portrayal, too. M'lud
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