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Remind me again Kerry about that quality, diverse and honest journalism. ... iak-arrest
The Committee to Protect Journalists says a freelance journalist writing for the Guardian and Washington Post has been arrested and deported from Nicaragua after a "targeted online harassment campaign".

Last week, Carl David Goette-Luciak's reporting on anti-government protests in Nicaragua was attacked by US journalist Max Blumenthal in an article published on an American website called Mint Press and British left-wing site the Canary.

The Mint Press article was titled "How an American Anthropologist Tied to US Regime-Change Proxies Became the MSM's Man in Nicaragua", while the Canary ran the headline, "Investigation slams Guardian cooperation with novice reporter linked to US regime-change machine."

Along with Blumenthal's attack, Goette-Luciak was doxxed and targeted by Facebook and Twitter users in mid-September, the CPJ said. An online campaign reportedly accused him of an "attempt to destabilise the country and being a Central Intelligence Agency operative".
By Winegums
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The graun has given up agitating for a new centrist party, and have instead defaulted to just giving the neolibs a sloppy blowjob instead. Love our "left wing" media.
By Winegums
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The Guardian can print what it wants, and I can criticise it for doing so. They've printed an uncritical PPB for May, and I'm suggesting that's a shitty thing for an ostensibly centre-left paper to do.

Imagine being on a website called "Mailwatch" and missing the point this spectacularly.
By Winegums
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It's sad that the best defense of the observer that Damien can come up with was "they were just trolling". At its absolute best it's pathetic behaviour from the observer, and at its worst they've shown their hand - that backs against the wall they'll always back the right over the left (as though we didn't know that about liberals).
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Assume the readers have some intelligence - oh wait - you want them to believe what YOU tell them, don't you? Can't argue against it, ban it.
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