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By The Red Arrow
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Why the surprise? Here’s why the Independent supports the Tories: ... he-tories/" onclick=";return false;

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By mikey mikey
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According to the YouGov Profiler, the readership of The Independent is fairly left leaning and likely to vote Labour this election. Clearly Lebedev's priorities do not include the sales figures for his second newspaper. :?
By mattomac
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Apparently the newsroom isn't happy.

If the Tories were committed to the Union why do they want to do down the party that will more than likely elect nearly a full set in Scotland. Also ignore conveniently the fact they left off the popular Devo Max choice which would have probably killed the independence question for decades.

Committed my arse, not to mention their excellent commitment to Europe, so excellent they are willing to leave just so it appeases some of his backbenchers.
By ezinra
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I've noticed several stories in the Indie recently that are unreadable because they've not been subbed. Here's today's paragraph of muddle:
The group also argues that council budget changes will also impact on local domestic violence services, which it says leaves fewer women at risk of harm and death at the hands of their partners without refuge.
It reads like a Mail Online headline with the word order scrambled.
By Andy McDandy
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Well, aside from 'Domestic Violence Services' which conjures up an image of dial-a-thug who'll come round tanked up on Stella and beat the crap out of you at very reasonable rates, the grammar really is appalling.
By Abernathy
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I never quite forgave the Independent for publishing a Sunday edition that effectively ended what I thoughtwas a terrific Sunday newspaper title, The Sunday Correspondent.
By Andy McDandy
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The Saturday Indie has perhaps the best non-cryptic crossword out there. It also has twats like Janet Street-Porter writing for it, but you know, every silver lining...

Would be a real shame. And I miss the Sunday Correspondent too.
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