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By Tubby Isaacs
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:29 pm
Just listen to it again on YouTube to remind myself:

How he can describe that as 'aggressive-sounding' is beyond me. I felt like I was meditating or in a trance!

I'm not sure what he's trying to achieve with that tweet. It looks like blatant dog whistling to the racists but I don't understand why he'd indulge in that.
He does let himself down sometimes like this. Agree with you, I don't find it aggressive sounding at all.
By Abernathy
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I think there's slightly more to this. Dawkins' tweet certainly isn't "blatant dog whistling to racists", and he definitely hasn't made a career of doing anything like that.

It's well known that although he has a well-publicised distaste for religion of all stripes, he does have a fondness for the cultural trappings of the Anglican tradition in which he was brought up - the magnificent cathedrals, music, King James bible laguage, and so on.

It's possibly slightly less well known that he regards Islam with a critically hostile eye. A lot of his criticisms are justifiable : aggressively patriarchal, demanding of total submission to god, extreme intolerance of criticism bordering on the violent, and so on. I certainly do not think they can remotely be characterised as Islamophobic.

Knowing Dawkins' work, as I do (I admit to being something of a fan-boy down the years), I'd say that this tweet is no more than an expression of cultural preference, if perhaps influenced overly by a particularly critical outlook on Islam.
By cycloon
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His rhetorical question gives the game away imo. Tireseome narrow mindedness from a supposedly serious thinker. Islam's general or specific flaws have nothing to do with it, certainly not if Christian flaws aren't included in our assessment (the bells are lovely and NOT symbol of X, the call to prayer is horrible and IS a symbol of Y).
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By Andy McDandy
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I had this argument with the unlamented Big Rob years ago. Any criticism of Islam, from whatever source, will be co-opted by the far right. No matter how valid. Because to them it's the other way round- they hate something they don't understand and are looking for justification to tidy up their image and hide the bile. It's not as if they carefully studied the evidence and came to a conclusion.
By Kreuzberger
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Just looking back, this whole thread seems to focus on his occasional outbursts.

I'm buggered if I can why such a man of undoubted intellect would behave like this. To my mind, and because you need to prep an image for upload etc etc, it becomes even more unfathomable.

Similarly, and because he is a bright bloke capable of rational, critical thought, you would think that he would be able to appreciate an ancient yet evolving and very current art form for what it is.

Perhaps the fuses blow in his head, every now and then. I dunno.

Whatever it is, it is a miscalculation because Muzzie-bating is so last year. If you really want to put that to the test, try reading it in Jaydar's glottal, acidic tones. You'll not get a fag paper between them.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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He's 77 years old. May be a reason.

Also - as said, he hates all religion but culturally and historically feels drawn to the trappings of the C of E. I suspect, if pressed, he could make similarly vitriolic remarks about the Anglican or Catholic churches, possibly even Hinduism.
By lord_kobel
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Yet only one of those has an automatic, unassailable say in the laws of the Uk and it isn't the one he's shitting himself over.

Also, if he needs to be pressed to say similar things to what he freely and repeatedly says about Islam, that's quite telling, don''t you think?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I really don't know enough about him and his current public perception to comment with any certainty on what his motives were with a comment like that. To me it looked like dog whistling.

What I will say is he could have so very easily praised the sound of the cathedral bells without then making a comparison with Islam.

Especially as 'Allah Akbar' does not automatically equal the Call To Prayer. It was as invalid comparison. He knows exactly what certain people immediately jump to when hearing 'Allah Akbar'.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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lord_kobel wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:27 pm
Yet only one of those has an automatic, unassailable say in the laws of the Uk and it isn't the one he's shitting himself over.

Also, if he needs to be pressed to say similar things to what he freely and repeatedly says about Islam, that's quite telling, don''t you think?
I think you get off on 'calling people out'.
By Samanfur
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I'm going to an event at the weekend where Dawkins is listed as a speaker (Malcolm, this is the same one that Alice Roberts is at). Between these comments on Islam and his previous defence of "mild paedophilia", I'm tempted to go along to the panel, just to see how tightly any audience interaction is controlled.
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