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By youngian
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Apart from Eddie Mair all interviewers in future should either be former barristers or have a some of their training. Its their job to cross-question crooks, liars, chancers and dimwits with massive egos and a bit of gab to wing it.
By Abernathy
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Yes, I wouldn't say that scribblers' influence is increasing. The number of gullible eejits seems to be increasing, however, which might well have the same net effect. I have met some otherwise sensible people that thought Richard Littlejohn was hilarious.
By Messianic Trees
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Last week Corbyn and his anti-Semitic pals smashed the moral compass to pieces but the most terrifying thing of all? Nobody even cares

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Imagine the following scenario. In the next few months an extreme party surges to the brink of power on mainland Europe. Its leader is an eccentric maverick with a penchant for spending his time buried deep in the darker recesses of the internet, where he engages with sites populated by posts about and links to conspiracy theorists, Holocaust deniers and the peddlers of neo-Nazi propaganda.

He openly embraces religious fanatics, personally donates money to virulently racist organisations, and entertains proscribed terrorist groups, describing them as ‘friends’. At his side is a loyal lieutenant, in whose office is proudly displayed a plaque praising the sacrifice of terrorists who murdered police officers and civilians. He frames violent attacks on the headquarters of his political opponents as representing ‘the best of our movement’. He echoes calls for female political opponents to be ‘lynched’. He tells his supporters that media organisations who fail to report in the way they deem appropriate should be forced to do so by direct action.

The rise of this party, understandably, causes consternation. Jewish leaders publicly state they would not even enter the room with its leaders unless the overt racism is addressed. A cross-party parliamentary investigation finds the party has become a ‘safe-space’ for racists. Moderate politicians speak out, but are confronted by an unprecedented campaign of abuse and intimidation. Homophobic and misogynistic slurs become commonplace. Bricks are thrown through windows. The party’s cultish followers, drunk on their own political momentum, chant their leaders’ names at massed rallies.

Actually, don’t bother to imagine. Simply open your eyes. That party is Labour. That leader is Jeremy Corbyn. And that mainland European country is our own. We live in an era of unprecedented and dramatic political turmoil. But the most significant changes can still occur incrementally and unobtrusively. And that is what has just happened.
By mattomac
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Gammon isn't a race....

It potentially is a skin condition called Rosacea, I had some of it when I was younger, I still get flares up but mind is on the lesser side of serious.

Of course it has nothing to do with political points it just seems to show up in these angry white men, you could claim it's a disability but the disability isn't the issue here, it's their dumb political viewpoints.
By youngian
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Hodges'a pundit career rested on being the man who was in the loop under Blair and knows how crap Brown and Miliband are from the inside. And knows how to get under the skin of Labour members. He no longer has any relevance to anyone in the Labour Party and has to keep jumping higher to get noticed. Which if his thread on here is a yardstick is very rarely nowadays.
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