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By The Weeping Angel
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I read this excellent piece by James Bloodworth on Alternative media ... ful-idiots" onclick=";return false;

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) and Media Lens both tried to exculpate the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad for the massacre in Houla and for the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta;
Media Lens supported denial of genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda;

Jacobin has vigorously defended the government of Bashar al Assad;

AlterNet has hosted articles denying Ghouta and cited 9/11 truther Nafeez Ahmed to argue that Israel is controlling American policy on Syria. The website has also hosted articles claiming the US ‘turned Vladimir Putin into a villain’ and pieces urging Crimea to “join Russia”. (Bizarrely, AlterNet also lies about the size of its readership, claiming to attract over 5.9 million visitors per month - web ratings service Quantcast estimates it actually receives 1.3 million monthly readers.)

Global Research has supported North Korea, Colonel Gaddafi, and has hosted content blaming Jews for 9/11 and claiming the numbers who died at Auschwitz were exaggerated.

Self-proclaimed “independent watchdog” site MintPress News blamed Syrian rebels for chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta and defended the Russian invasion of Crimea against Ukraine’s “illegitimate government”.
Just as sinister and insidious as the Mail
By mikey mikey
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I suspect the impartiality of the author with regards coverage of UK foreign policy.

By youngian
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Fully support their aims but do you share their optimism?
openDemocracy is different. We don’t have billionaire proprietors or lucrative advertising deals. We give voice to the powerless, take on the world’s bullies and host sensitive, intelligent debate.

This year we will:
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– Fight back against censorship in Turkey
– Expose fake news in Russia AND the US
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