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By Andy McDandy
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On a board dedicated to watching and decoding the MSM...

We know. It's just we're...ordinary people. We can't take down Murdoch and his ilk. We can just alert others to what they do, and hope people take note. A win for us is someone saying that Littlejohn is full of shit but hey, damn good crossword.
By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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lord_kobel wrote:
Giant f*cking Sudoku wrote:Ahmadinejad was a classic left-winger, adored by many regular people there.
So you're agreeing with LJB then?
It's actually a good comparison, that you may be surprised to learn, many C****n fans would be proud of.

Try to look past all the endemic, cradle to grave brainwashing regarding countries like Iran. That, as I understood, was partially what a forum like this was set up for...
By mattomac
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Giant f*cking Sudoku wrote:
You're not very good at watching or decoding the established, UK media machine, are you?
Yeah i'm so bad at it I got a 1st in that part of my degree.

Sorry but I watch and decode the mainstream media as well as I can decode shit for brains nonsense from the "less" mainstream media, Jonathan Pie is better than this and he is actually a comedian.

This is a left wing version of the Express, it's that poor.
By Abernathy
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It really is laughable. Whoever said the Canary was the Daily Express through the looking glass had it right.

Labour plotters just admitted they would hand the Tories the General Election to topple Corbyn ... ple-Corbyn

They aren't even trying to be serious any more. But you can see where the Corbyn internet Praetorian guard of rufty tufty clicktivists are getting their gospels from.
By mikey mikey
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What they actually said.
"What we are saying to the leadership is that we won't be voting for austerity, and when the day comes there'll be enough Labour MP's, with enough support out there, to stop them." ... -party-674" onclick=";return false;
By bluebellnutter
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Care to define what "austerity" is first before I answer your loaded question?

Mind you, you didn't answer my previous question so not sure why you'd answer this one.
By mikey mikey
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bluebellnutter wrote:Care to define what "austerity" is first before I answer your loaded question?

Suddenly you don't know what austerity means. :roll:

It's like the gas man scene from Bottom. :lol:
By mikey mikey
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youngian wrote:Probably not, it's a demagogic meme like 'take our country back' that could mean anything.
Mark Blyth, political scientist, and professor of international political economy at Brown University, is here to enlighten you.


Dundee rocks. 8)
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