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By visage
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'The Canary is rated the most trusted digital-only news outlet in the UK by its readers' ... s-readers/

'Residents of echo chamber fully agree with sentiments expressed in echo chamber' ... ica-781822
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By davidjay
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youngian wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:14 pm
When does a bunch of kids on a blog become a news outlet deserving of scrutiny?
I've only just seen this so apologies, but I get bloody angry when someone who spouts often ill-informed and invariably unresearched opinion online can describe themselves as a "freelance journalist and blogger" and be treated on the same level as a writer with decades of training and experience.
By Andy McDandy
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As a brown friend said on Twitter yesterday, "allow asians the right to be cunts too" (in response to Javid and Patel).

Interestingly, quite a few knuckle draggers have been misnaming him "Sajid Khan", while simultaneously praising his hard stance in comparison to the London mayor. Presumably they all look alike to them, even when radically different.
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By oboogie
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visage wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:22 pm
Fucking hell. The editor has decided that Sajid Javid is a coconut.

Kinder, gentler politics.
How very, Imperialistic, patronising and racist.
How dare people of colour be Tory politicians, who do they think they are?
Naughty, ungrateful children!!
I'm reminded of slave owners referring to adult slaves as "boy".
Equality means recognising that people of colour can be just as nasty as white people.
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