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By Malcolm Armsteen
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First they came for the socialists
But you did not speak out
Because you were definitely not a socialist
Those mad bastards campaigning for decent wages and universal healthcare
Waving their hand painted placards through the streets of Westminster
You were definitely not a socialist

Then they came for the Trade Unionists
And you did not speak out
Because Unions are awful
The Daily Mail said so
Those people representing ordinary workers
And fighting for decent pay
And human working conditions
And maternity and paternity leave
And adequate rest between shifts
And making sure people have a voice
They’re definitely terrible self-aggrandising egotists
And they get paid to represent people
And you had to get a bus to work once because of a strike you didn't bother to research beyond a screaming scheming headline
So you are not a Trade Unionist

Then they came for the Muslims
and the refugees
And you did not speak out
Because they are not your people
Coming over here
Why can’t they integrate?
Religion causes all the problems right
All the wars
Leave them to it
Close the borders
We’re full up
Can’t take any more
Of this PC multicultural bullshit
Who do they think they are?
You spoke over
And you spat and you raged
in hatred and fear
But you did not speak out
Because you were not a Muslim
nor a refugee

And then they came for the poor
and the unemployed
the single parents on benefits
the workless
And you did not speak out
Because you thought they were lazy
Loads of jobs out there innit
Easy to eat cheaply on the dole, you claim
Having never had to make £71 last a week
with a broken refrigerator
or holes in the bottom of a pair of school shoes
Bet they’ve all got Sky TV and iPhones
and how did she pay for her tattoos?
And you saw someone smoking outside a food bank once
So you did not speak out

Then they came for the disabled
Shame, you thought, but you did not speak out
Most of them could probably work, you thought
You saw that chronically depressed woman smile once
And the guy in the disabled parking space
looks young and healthy to you
We all get down sometimes, you shout
What's wrong with you anyway?
Bunch of fucking scroungers, you thought
So you did not speak out

Then they came for the teachers

And the doctors

And the nurses

And the firefighters

And the domestic abuse workers

And the rubbish collections

And the rape crisis centres

And the social workers

And the childrens centres

And the education funding

And by the time they come for you

By the time they fucking come for you

There will be nobody left to speak out for you

Nobody left at all.

Jack Monroe.
By Andy McDandy
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Good stuff from wor Jack.

I have a prediction of life in 2020. Work gangs of school leavers in hi-vis, performing menial tasks under the watchful eyes of G4S thugs in return for their daily ration card, while rough sleepers multiply. On the TV, Katie Hopkins presents on HIGNFY a worn out clip of Jeremy Corbyn looking awkward, before reminding us that whoever the Tory PM is, they're a bit posh. Then some clips of people falling over while Paul Merton looks like he's contemplating suicide. On the other channel, Ant and Dec gurn for the camera while people abase themselves for tins of beans in "You caught it, you bought it", the new game show for people using food banks.
By Big Arnold
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That assumes there are schools to leave. But they were all academies by 2018 and promptly closed as the owners weren't trousering enough profits, and it made more sense to sell off the land for more unaffordable housing.
By Cyclist
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