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Carole Malone wrote the following piece in The Mirror. ... ar_twitter" onclick=";return false;
Jeremy Corbyn's supporters are like Lenin style bully boys who'd send women to the gulag
And then there’s Luciana Berger, who also resigned from Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. She was allegedly told she was going to “get it just like Jo Cox did” and was sent a photo of a kitchen knife and warned: “Watch your back, Jewish scum.”
And got this response:
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By youngian
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Our great Labour Party used to be one where socialism was achieved through ­parliamentarianism, through democracy.

Under Corbyn, we’re following the Lenin model – where it’s created through ­revolution, intimidation and violence. This kind of socialism doesn’t believe in democracy. And it forces women to live under police protection.
It's called democratic centralism Carole in which power to the executive is concentrated through mandates of stone in referendums. Legislators have no business questioning, scrutinising or opposing the results. Just the ticket for windbag populists like Malone.
By satnav
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Carole really is as thick as two short planks. Last week she wanted to know why the police didn't taser a man who was behaving erratically on a petrol station forecourt. Someone did point out to her that tasers and petrol could be a very volatile combination.
By Abernathy
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I've been watching Malone being a panellist on Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 thing this morning, along with Alastair Campbell, and she does indeed make two short planks look like Stephen Hawking.

But the thing that astonished me most, I think, was the way that she effortlessly manages to be wrong about very nearly everything. Brexit was being discussed, of course, and naturally Malone is on the Leave side, and is opposed to a final people's vote as some sort of affront to democracy. It's the same guff masquerading as rational argument you get from the likes of Julia Hartley-Brewer, Katie Hopkins, or that Ruth whatsherface woman.

I wonder, is there some kind of "Right Wing Harpie" club?
By satnav
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Carole has been very busy on twitter today defending Boris Johnson. Some of the nonsense she is spouting is laughable. She has been comparing the actions of the neighbours who reported the altercation with criminal activity at the News of the World when they were hacking mobile phones. She has also been slagging off respectable journalists whilst retweeting the verbal diarrhoea produced by spiked online.

Her obsession with defending Boris seems to be solely based on the assumption that he will quickly deliver Brexit. I think she might be in line for a big disappointment.
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