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By mattomac
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Yeah he hasn't really played it the same way Owen Jones or Kevin McGuire have, generally supportive of Corbyn but just enough criticism to make people think.

Mason has jumped head first into the project which he seems to have doubts about and will suffer because of it. If he didn't truly believe in the project there has been ample opportunities to show caution and even play the bad on both sides. He quite clearly thinks like a lot of the PLP which he continually criticised for the last 3 months which is odd.
By The Weeping Angel
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I'd like to think that he's trying to carve out a niche as the new David Icke. This recording has exposed that many of Corbyn's supporters know he's a dead duck. But are so wedded to him they are unable to admit it in public.
By The Weeping Angel
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Someone I follow on twitter summed it up for me

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Paul Mason wants "power" and then whines like a spoilt baby when he's held to account. Can't have it both ways.
What really pisses me off is his blatant attempt to use Hillsborough to distract from his own indiscretion.
By The Weeping Angel
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For socialists in the Labour Party it will be a relief that the Blairite plan to stage two electoral disasters on one night failed.

And we’re off. It was always a Blairite plot, obviously…pretty much everything is. What Paul’s missing out on from the start is that for this Blairite plot to succeed it would need Labour to be doing terribly in the polls. Which they are. Also because of Blairites, probably.

It seems to be Corbyn’s curse that he’s haunted by this shadowy group who are so powerful that they can cause the party electoral misery, yet aren’t powerful enough to oust him from the leadership.

Nobody can claim losing Copeland was Jeremy Corbyn’s “fault”
By Arrowhead
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Footage from the 1987 Socialist Conference in Chesterfield, organised by Tony Benn. Look who crops up at the 2:00 mark.........


The woman who appears at 5:01 looks very familiar too, but I can't place her..........anyone?
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